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Spiritual Horoscope

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) — Happy birthday Libra! Exciting Mars is in your sign for two months, giving energy and courage…

Using Crystals to Enhance our Leadership Skills

Using Crystals to Enhance our Leadership Skills By Jennifer VanderWal Leadership is a quality we’ll all have to embody at some point in…

Every Little Victory

Every Little Victory By Eve Wilson What difference can one person make in a world where so much we value is at stake?…

Shoot for the Moon and the Stars

Shoot for the Moon and the Stars By Tatiana Scavnicky One morning at the Church of Today, Les Brown used Norman Vincent Peale’s…

The New Age Woman

The New Age Woman By John Ashbrook We are moving forward into the 21st century and the increased vibrational energy of planet earth…

A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love By Miche Lame’ September is the month of Labor Day, a symbol of the contributions that laborers have made…

Speaking God’s Language

By Pastor Chris Surber My life is all about ideas and communicating those ideas. Words. I make my living crafting words from ideas…

The Lover Card

The Lover Card By Pauline Dettloff Today I decided to write on the Lover card in the Tarot deck that has to do…

Is Lack of Money Causing You Distress?

Is Lack of Money Causing You Distress? By Phillip Rosenbaum Are you having trouble making as much money as you desire? Did you…

What is a Leader

What is a Leader By Susan deCaussin When you consciously connect to Source energy, through the many practices of mindfulness, clarity enters in…

The Courage to Live

The Courage to Live

By Eileen Patra Many things in life require the demonstration of the innate human quality of courage. It takes courage, for instance, to…


Courage By Faith Brower Choices Overcome Use Right Advance Guidance Experiences Courage is about the Choices we make to Overcome and Use the…

The Courage to Be Fully Alive

The Courage to Be Fully Alive By Barbra White What takes the most courage? Parachuting out of a plane or choosing to be…


Courage By Tatiana Scavnicky When I think of courage, I think of a lion. Is it because of the Wizard of Oz? Lions…

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IN THE LIGHT: Healing Methods® We could all use a little help from time to time, as we navigate our way through life. Environmental, societal, physical and psychological…

In the Light with Chef Deborah Lieder “My passion, when it comes to food, is to empower others to think outside of what we have been taught, and…

By Rev. Noreen Keller Hello all you beautiful Spirits. It is with boundless joy and excitement that I introduce myself, my name is Noreen Keller. And since graduating…

In the Light: Who is AstaraBy Rev. Samantha Pennala Astara is a church of ALL religions, a School of Ancient Wisdom, and a channel for the Aquarian Age.…

IN THE LIGHT: Creative Health Institute Since 1976, the Creative Health Institute (CHI), has had a rich history in transforming the way people look at health. Founded on…

In The Light - Better Health VendingBetter Healthier Vending choices are great for you and your colleagues — at no cost to your company! Many companies have implemented,…

Eating Well View all

Coconut Revolution

Coconut Revolution

By Deborah Lieder Throughout the world, we see an infinite variety of fascinating whole foods. It is an endless exploration of discovery throughout each culture,…

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Ouch, That Hurts!

Ouch, That Hurts!

A while back, Jeff, a client of mine in his mid-forties, came to me shortly after…

Courage Comes in all Types of Packages

Have You Taken Steps to Change Your Life?

Metaphysics View all

The Power of Trees

The Power of Trees by Pauline Dettloff In the last several years’ scientists have learned more…

Receive Wisdom and Guidance from Higher Spiritual Beings

Beauty as Your Muse

Spirituality View all

The Silver Thread: The Three Poisons

The Silver Thread: The Three Poisons

A most common motif in Buddhist art is the sacred wheel of life. It is frequently…

Confessions of a Psychic Medium

For the Leaders Who Lead Themselves

Life View all



by Joseph A. Drolshagen There is Gold in every struggle you experience! At the root of…

The Lover Card

Shoot for the Moon and the Stars