2022 12 December Issue of the Guide

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What is an Energy Healing?

By Laura Moody “Most people are taught that you heal from the inside out. But what if it was wrong in some ways?” Many people that...

We Have a Plan

Here we go with another year 😊, 2019 went by so fast; it was kind of unbelievable. As I look back at the year...

The energy is moving!! Yes!

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Wow! What a crazy three months this has been. I went on vacation at the end of February to California and had a wonderful...

We Have a Plan

The energy is moving!! Yes!

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A Crystal Will Find You

By Laura Moody A long time ago, over the sands of time, there was a place in the Sahara Desert where a mineral lies that...

Happy Holy Days!

By Rev. Ric Beattie  It is more than a coincidence that each year, from the beginning of November through mid-January, there are approximately 29 holidays...

Hypnosis Q & A with Cheryl Beshada C.M. Ht.

Hypnotherapy is the art of using the hypnotic state to elicit positive change and improvement in beliefs, behaviors and physical conditions. Below are answers...

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by Aluna Michaels, M.A. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) — Happy birthday Sagittarius! Jupiter brings fun and excitement to your romantic life! But make...


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Would You Like to Have the Skills of an Edgar Cayce?

by Phil Rosenbalm Have you heard of Edgar Cayce? He was called a “Sleeping Prophet” because he would go into a very deep trance and...