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Meditation – Your Way! Drop-in Classes with Meditation Coach Sue Poletti

May 16, 2023 @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Meditation – Your Way! Class with Professional Meditation Coach Sue Poletti

8 Tuesdays, 6:30–8:00pm
March 21–April 4, April 18–May 16
Cost: $15/drop-in class or pay $80 for the 8-class series
Paypal, or Venmo to: @Amy-Metafizzy-Garber
Register here: https://www.enlightenedsoulcenter.com/meditation-your-way-8-week-class

Questions and more information:
Contact Sue at: suepoletti00@hotmail.com, 810.334.0717
**About the “Meditation – Your Way! Class:**
“I don’t meditate because I can’t stop thinking!”
Attention all humans: None of us can stop thinking! Our minds are an involuntary organ, like our heart or our stomach, that cannot be STOPPED by our sheer personal will. However, our minds can be gently guided to operate in ways that promote optimal health and mental wellness.

Meditation is not about stopping the mind, it’s about redirecting our thoughts through deep relaxation and focus. Meditation comes in 100’s of forms, like breathing-focused, visualization, chanting, walking, guided, mantra, sound… As a matter of fact, you could be meditating already but don’t even recognize it!

Now that the secret’s out, wouldn’t you like to learn how to calm your body and find peace in your daily life, regardless of the circumstances you are facing? Aren’t you ready for a break, a time to redirect and redefine the endless chatter in your head, so you can embrace life through your full and authentic self?

You will join Sue Poletti to:
– Understand the critical importance that the mind has in the meditation process
– Learn several forms of mediation to find the technique that could work for you
– Try out several new mediation techniques each week
Walk away with a better understanding, from the outside in, of how important your thoughts really are to meditation and to living a joy-filled life.

There are no minimum skills needed to attend, newbies and seasoned yogis welcomed! However, in order to get the most out of this event, come wearing comfortable clothing and an open mind. Chairs and meditation cushions will be provided, but feel free to bring your own cushion or pillows for your most optimum comfort.

March 21, Class #1 – Meditation 101 – This session will cover the purpose and some light history of meditation/mindfulness, mechanics of mediation positions, the use of breath, hand positions and mantras. We will perform 3 meditations focusing on breathwork, mantra’s, and trying out positions.
March 28, Class #2 – Guided Meditations for specific needs such as focus, relieving depression/anxiety and developing creativity. We will practice 3 – 4 meditations on the most needs.
April 4, #3 – Moving Meditations – including yoga and Zen walking meditations. We will learn how meditation can be incorporated into many of our daily movements. We’ll all practice some basic yoga poses used as a moving meditation as well as perform a Zen and a Walking meditation. A portion of this session will be conducted outside and may be moved to later in the series due to weather constraints.
April 18, #4 – Breathing Meditations – we will learn about and practice several forms of mediation that focuses on use of the breath.
April 25, #5 – Gratitude and Manifestation – we will learn and practice guided and unguided meditations specific to the process of expressing and feeling gratitude.
May 2, #6 – Use of Mudras and Mantras – this session will dive deeper into the use of hand gestures and words/phrases used to enhance the meditation process.
May 9, #7 – Visualization and Deep Relaxation Meditation – We will learn and practice 3-4 meditations designed specifically to manifest our goals and fully relax our bodies.
May 16, #8 – Quiet Meditation and Happiness – this session will cover meditations without background music or a spoken guide. We will practice a quiet meditation and up to 2 additional meditations on cultivating happiness and empowerment.

Sue Poletti is your instructor for these classes. As a self-proclaimed anxiety-ridden, compulsive thinker, she found meditation 22 years ago and learned how to calm her nervous system and find great internal peace and stability, regardless of outside influences. A peace that has elevated her life in so many beautiful ways.

Sue is a Reiki practitioner and massage therapist, and has recently become a meditation guide, providing meditation programs to corporations, community organizations and Reiki shares, as well as her friends and family. Sue is currently expanding her techniques through the School of Positive Transformation in Boulder, CO.

She has committed her personal life to helping others find greater peace through the process of mediation. “It is true that all of our answers lie within us. It’s totally safe to look within. It’s the key to happiness!”

Contact Sue at: suepoletti00@hotmail.com or 810.334.0717


May 16, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


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