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Tummo Nidra-Troy

July 22, 2023 @ 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

**Learn how to get into the present moment, stop worrying about a future, regretting the past, and learn to listen and feel your body to understand and break through your blockages and trauma.**

This class aligns and flows energy throughout your body, both activating and relaxing your body. Tummo Breathing and Yoga Nidra. These styles of class combine the deeply therapeutic effects of Tummo breathing which activate and sensitize the nervous system with the deeply relaxing somatic yoga nidra.

Tummo breathing deeply activates and sensitizes the nervous system and Yoga Nidra allows you to deeply focus on your entire being. Stress and deep trauma may reveal itself during this class allowing students to take time and feel deep seated things in their body and soul to accept and relax into themselves as they are without judgement. It is normal to feel like you are in a dream like state for a while after this class, this is normal your brain waves are restoring and reenergizing.

Yoga Nidra after the activating breathing causes the participant to focus on their body, as they are guided through every part of it. This action causes brain waves to change from the stressful daily Beta brain waves to the deeply meditative brain waves of Theta. This causes more convergence in the brain, increases the brain body connection, and helps the participant deeply relax, recover lost sleep, and relieve trauma.

Many meditative tools may be used to help facilitate focus with physical sensation, emotion, weight, light, energy, everything, nothing and a lot of other avenues may be used to help facilitate a deeper connection to yourself and the energy flowing through and around you.

Due to the deeply impactful nature of this class participants must not be actively Pregnant, have uncontrolled high blood pressure, or uncontrolled epilepsy. If you have the conditions other breathwork class options are available that can help control blood pressure and epilepsy, and mothers may participate after giving birth. *Drug use prior to this class is discouraged. Substances will hinder your ability to participate.*

**Price:** $30
**Link for tickets:** [centerpeacehealing.com](https://www.centerpeacehealing.com/event-details/tummo-nidra-troy)


July 22, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM