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How Are You Breathing Today?


How Are You

Breathing Today?

Are you breathing? Now that’s a silly question since you are reading this, you must be breathing. But the real issue is whether you are breathing well. So perhaps a better question is “How are you breathing today? Is your breath open and full or is it closed and shallow? Does your chest move more than your belly when you breathe? Why not take a moment to find out. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your belly and take a full and deep breath in. What happened? What did you notice? Take another breath to be sure. I know from breathing thousands of people that 90% of the population is getting only about 50% of the available air due to restrictions in their breathing. So I know that it is likely that there is some kind of a restriction in your breathing. These physical restrictions are real and they limit your health, well being, the amount of life force, and ultimately the amount of good that you can receive from your breath.

About the writer: Dave Krajovic

David Krajovic MBA, CPA, CMT David and his wife Pat are dynamic and engaging partners to anyone who desires to restore personal power, find inner peace and live an Inspired Life. They founded the award-winning BodyWorks Healing Center in Plymouth, MI, the Global Breath Institute and are the co-creators of Ascension Breathwork. They have created a revolutionary body of work combining contemporary and ancient teachings to help you ascend above limitation and access the human potential. Their Inspired Life Mastery programs gently yet powerfully disintegrate obstructions to happiness, good health, peace, prosperity and spirituality. 734-416-5200 or ascensionbreathing.com