Saturday, September 19, 2020
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You Are More Connected and Powerful Than You Know

It was 1997 at the University of Geneva in Switzerland that an experiment was run that forever changed the...

Are you ready to Jump?

Are You Ready To Jump?

As you may recall from last month’s article, there is a wagon that is careening out of control down a large mountain. We are on this wagon. The wagon is gaining speed as it continues on its path. Its only path is one of destruction. It causes pain and suffering whereever it goes. In the end, it has no choice but to crash. It is being powered by our limiting thoughts and negative beliefs. These thoughts suggest that there is not enough to go around, that the Universe is limited, that we must compete for every possession we have, that I am not good enough or I am not worthy of abundance and that hard work can get us through anything and everything. This is a tireless and winless game and puts your life in a vicious samsaric cycle of despair and desperation. It can only lead to pain and suffering. You have a choice. You can remain on the wagon or you can jump off. Are you ready to jump?

Connecting to Source with Conscious Breathing

Connecting to Source with Conscious Breathing

Thirty days, three days, three minutes! You can go without food for thirty days. You can go without water for about three days. Stop breathing for more than three minutes and you die! Breath is Life! Simple and profound

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