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The Silver Thread: A Dialogue with Death

The Upanishads are one of the primary religious texts of Hinduism. The Upanishads primarily address the mystical (mysterious)concerns of life, which are (1) The creation of the world; (2) The nature of death. There are 11 Major Upanishads and 4 minor ones. The Katha Upanishad is the second (2), and one of the most famous. […]

About the writer: Dr. Michael Abramsky

Michael Abramsky PhD, ABPP is a licensed psychologist with 35 years of experience treating adolescents and adults for anxiety, depression and trauma. He is nationally Board Certified in both Clinical and Forensic psychology. Dr. Abramsky also has an MA in Comparative Religions, and has practiced and taught Buddhist Meditation for 25 years.

Ask-Believe and You Will Receive

Ask-Believe and You Will Receive

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Your thoughts and actions are being recorded continually within your subconscious mind. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, your emotions will reflect in your actions. For example, saying to yourself, “I can never lose weight-I just look at food, and I […]

About the writer: Wendy Powers

Please contact me as I am also a Spiritual Christian Minister, if you would like me to speak at your house of worship, spiritual center or event. 248-826-8255

The Road to Higher Consciousness

Self-understanding changes with time, and so too does the depths of understanding human consciousness. G. Esco Davis On my journey to wholehearted living and higher consciousness, I came across in my files a quiz on approaching life with an open heart to self-understanding and opening doors to higher consciousness. Here are seven statements/questions that identify […]

About the writer: Gwendolyn Escodavis

Namaste, Peace & Blessings, Gwendolyn Esco Davis Gwendolyn, owner of G. EscoDavis, LLC, is a certified life coach and business mentor. Her practice of four decades focuses on women entrepreneurs, although she also coaches men business owners. She uses a holistic/organic approach, and publishes a monthly newsletter. Call: 313-717-8988, email: [email protected] or visit: http://www.g-escodavis.net for more information.

The Power of the Universal Mind

The Power of the Universal Mind

Have you ever wondered where a psychic gets their information from? Or, how a psychic Medium opens the door to communicate with souls that are no longer on the earth plane of existence? Or, what’s that little voice that you hear every now and then, giving you sage wisdom or warnings of things to come? […]

About the writer: Wendy Powers

Please contact me as I am also a Spiritual Christian Minister, if you would like me to speak at your house of worship, spiritual center or event. 248-826-8255

Who’s Responsible for the Quality of Your Life?

Do you tend to blame other people or outside circumstances for the problems in your life? Several years ago, Wayne Dyer, a famous psychologist, author, and motivational speaker, told an amusing anecdote. He recounted that many of the clients he saw when he was a therapist would come into a session and blame their father […]

About the writer: Phil Rosenbaum

If you would like to find out more about hypnosis, and especially hypnosis for losing weight, please call Phil Rosenbaum at the Self-Esteem Academy. Phil is a certified hypnotist, licensed counselor and has also been trained in past-life regression. Call: 248-688-6469.

Playing the Blame Game

What does a happy and content life mean to you? Does it feel unreachable? Do you feel like a victim? It’s not entirely your fault. Society wires us to blame others when life isn’t flowing as we want. You’re led to believe that you’re entitled to, and deserving of, a perfect life. And, advertisers want […]

About the writer: Susan deCaussin

Susan deCaussin established Healing Methods, in Troy, MI. She’s a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master, Shiva Murti Practitioner, Inspirational Writer, and Speaker. Her deep connection to Spirit assists her in working with Universal Energy and creating articles and lectures that are thought-provoking, powerful and healing. Learn more at www.HealingMethods.org

Best Season of Your Life!

By Joseph A. Drolshagen The decisions you make and actions you take today will determine the rest of your life! Seasons come and seasons go… Fall is all about transition. As we move from the season of summer into fall, I am excited at the possibilities awaiting all of us. Along with the weather seasons, […]

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