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Stone of the Month: Heart Chakra

Stone of the Month:  Heart Chakra

This month we will be discussing the heart chakra. The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is Anahata, which means sound that is made without two things striking or unstruck, which reminds me of our heart beat. The heart chakra is located in front of the physical heart, it is the heart center of our […]

About the writer: Jennifer VanderWal

Jennifer Vanderwal has been a Melody Crystal healing instructor since 2004. She’s a Master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoku system of Reiki since 1999. She offers classes in crystal healing and reiki. Her therapies include crystal healing facilitator and spiritual counselor. 248-672-0579 or [email protected] She teaches classes and offers chakra balancing with gemstones and Crystal Healing Sessions at Bodyworks Healing Center, 734 416-5200, www.bodyworkshealingcenter.com.

Your New World Heart Chakra

Your New World Heart Chakra

Your New World Heart Chakra

Chakras are spiraling vortexes of energy that radiate out from a body within its aura in an expanding cone of energy (much like a flashlight beam radiates out from the flashlight bulb). They are rooted into the physical body through the endocrine glands which are our primary chemical/hormone production systems. Their jobs include helping our spirit to live in our body and aura and generating life force.*

About the writer: Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson - Find out more about ascension and healing at www.spiritualhealers.com where you can buy a copy of Eve’s new book Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World and learn why The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog was voted One of the Top Healing Blogs in the World. You can also learn about exceptional Healing and Ascension Treatments, classes and events.