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How to BE HAPPY with so Much Sadness

How to BE HAPPY with so Much Sadness

Early onset Alzheimer’s, cancer, loss of a job or home, deaths…life is handing out so many changes and sad news lately. What is up with that? How do we keep our focus on happiness and living the good life when these diagnoses or this news crosses our doorsteps?! I know that when I hear this […]

About the writer: Faith Bower

Faith Brower is an Early Childhood Educator and Director, She has her Bachelors in English and Masters in Early Childhood Leadership. She has served in various roles at Unity Churches in Chicago and the Greater Detroit area. Faith is currently writing books for children and adults to help support them in maneuvering through divorce and death experiences.

What is Success and Why Don’t You Have It; Or Do You?

What is Success and Why Don’t You Have It; Or Do You?

With the holidays over, conversations will change to New Years resolutions and reflecting on the year that has ended. The measure of our personal and professional success is sure to come up or at least come to mind. The affirmation, the expectation that I would be successful was instilled in me from my earliest memory. […]

Perspective: New Year / New View

Perspective:  New Year / New View

Have you ever heard the saying, When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change? The meaning reaches far beyond face value, and that’s what I was inspired to write about. The theme behind that phrase is perspective. That’s truly how to describe the action of changing the way […]

About the writer: Susan deCaussin

Susan is an accomplished writer, speaker, Reiki Practitioner and Medium. Her deep connection to Spirit assists her in all modalities of working with Universal Energy. Through her connection to Spirit, Susan's writings are always powerful, healing and thought provoking. Learn more at www.susandecaussin.com.