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Vessel Of Love

By Alethea Monk Howard A vessel is a utensil for holding something, such as a vase, bowl, pot, kettle: a boat or a ship, a...

Create A New Story

By Queen D. Michele You had no control over the family you were born/adopted into or the programming and conditioning and possible trauma that took...

Discerning Your Purpose

By Linda La Croix   Most of us, at one time or another, wonder about life and what brought us into this existence. What is our...

Q: Can Regression Therapy help me find my Soul’s Purpose?

A: Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that serves many purposes. Through Spiritual Hypnotherapy, we can help people tap into a higher level of consciousness...

Turn, Turn, Turn

By Rev. Ric Beattie Autumn is a wonderful season of turning and transition. The leaves change colors, and the weather shifts. It’s an excellent time...

Laughing No Matter What

by Laura Moody As we approach the Thanksgiving Season, I find myself thinking about thankfulness. There was a time in my life when circumstances were...

The Season of Thankfulness & Forgiveness

by Wendy Powers  Thanksgiving is upon us, which brings many thoughts to what we are grateful for this year. It is a...

Spiritual Horoscope for November

by Aluna Michaels, M.A. Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) — Happy birthday Scorpio! Jupiter direct expands relationships! Long-term issues can heal, even if...

Surviving Hurricane Ian: A view from the trenches

by Ellen Livingston I met a real monster, face to face. Hurricane Ian’s north eye-wall raged over my little home for nearly an unbearable seven hours. With...

This Really Works!

By Eve Wilson I usually write spiritual articles, but this month I was drawn to write an article about diet. This surprised...

Letting Go-

By Barbra White Letting go, you access your True Self, Grace, and Soul Wisdom. Letting go, self-love and acceptance are not weak…they are the key to...

Speak The Truth

By Barbra White I used to think that when I spoke my feelings and needs (truth), it had to sound soooo polished professional, and loving. Later...

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