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Live A Happier Life through the Practical Spirituality of “A Course...

Have you ever heard of a spiritual self-study book called A Course in Miracles? Being readers of BMSG, the answer for many may be...

Signs and Synchronicity: Finding Everyday Magic and Messages in the Present

by Nikki Wisniewski I love to walk. I regularly traverse a loop through my neighborhood, not only for exercise but for the time and space...

Living a life of Independence

By Roxanne Kuchciak Who is fighting for your freedom?  Let us take a moment to thank those who sacrifice themselves for our greater good, the Army,...

Spiritual Horoscope for July 

by Aluna Michaels, M.A. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) — Happy birthday Cancer! It’s a great time to confront old habits that have been...

Do You Really Love Yourself?

By Phil Rosenbalm        Jack Canfield, psychologist and author tells a poignant story about loving oneself. He said he would stand in front...

Two Sides to Every Coin

By Susan deCaussin We’re all familiar with the question, “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?” And, as you move through life, it somehow seems easier...

The Sweetness of Summer

by Eve Wilson The scent of soft breezes off the lake…blue skies with shifting clouds…birdsong delighting ears…sunlight reflecting off water and making rainbows on eyelashes...

Stop the Stupid Dumb Fearful Stories

by Barbra White Just Stop! Anything other than peace in your mind- is not true.  Your stories of not being good enough are pure 109% unadulterated...

Get to Know Thy Self

A common question my clients wonder is how to get to know themselves. There are many different ways to begin the journey of getting...

The Peaceful Glow of Joy

by John Ashbrook It is so profound, so amazing, the extraordinary creativity that a child can distill from the fertile purity of their innocent soul....

Animal Magic

By Laura Moody It’s 5:00 am, and I hear a bark.  My eyes don’t want to open, “not now,” I think. “Just a few more minutes...

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