2012: The Year of Prophecy – An Astrological Perspective


We are now in the Year 2012 and many people are facing this year of prophecy with fear and trepidation on the one hand and anticipation on the other. There has been much hype built up around this year just as there was prior to the Year 2000 when we didn’t know if computers would stop causing global chaos. As we know, the year came and went without a whisper.

I don’t believe 2012 will come and go without a whisper, however, because the planetary pressure to change is intensifying. In this article, we will look at some of the hype out there from an astrological and metaphysical perspective, and why there is so much fear on the one hand; and feelings that we will all become enlightened overnight on the other.

We will look at some of the questions now being asked by thinking people around the globe, such as:

Is it true that on December 21, 2012, the Earth will align with the Center of the Galaxy?

Is this the end of the world….Is it the beginning of a new world?

What can we glean from Mayan astrology?

What do Western astrologers say?

Will there be a December 22, 2012 and beyond?

What does our future hold?

One thing is sure, we are building up to something and that is change on a global scale. We can’t go on as we are. How can we? We continue to take from our environment, and our brittle civilization is based on competition and greed. Sadly, only a relative handful of people are really trying to make a difference. We are still at war; there is still greed and even almost unbelievable things like slavery in our modern civilization. How can we continue as we are? Let’s be honest – do we want to continue as we are?

Many would agree that the most urgent questions facing us at this time include – “What are you and I prepared to do to make a difference?” “How can we ensure that change comes as smoothly as possible?” “How can we raise our own consciousness as well as that of others?” If we don’t work hard to find answers to these questions, I believe things will happen to us to shake us out of our global apathy. If we are prepared to take the initiative, then we can be an important part of the change and will never regret our efforts in this respect. It is just not true that we will all become enlightened overnight on December 21, 2012 as some so-called teachers would have us believe. It never has been easy to gain enlightenment and it never will be. It is true that the planets are helping us to evolve, and the great Masters are working hard to teach us, but the real work has to be done by each and every one of us.

Chrissie Blaze


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