Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign


By Susan deCaussin

Signs along the roadways play an important role in keeping us moving in the right direction and moving safely when we hit the road in our cars. Signs are just as important when it comes to navigating your way through life. As important as they are, they can very easily be overlooked. Spirit wants you to know that while you can often feel alone, confused, and unsure of which path to take, signs are there to help you, whether you consciously see them or not. When Spirit speaks of signs, they are talking about people, situations, things, and events which are purposely placed along your path to cause you to shift the direction you’re taking by shifting your perspective and offering inspiration & support.

Signs can come in many different ways. Sometimes a physical object, such as a coin, feather, or even a message on a license plate, will appear to let you know that a higher power is at work, watching over and guiding you. Other times, a complete stranger may say something that will strike a chord with you, shifting your focus in a different direction. I love those moments. It can be one simple thought or phrase from someone you only cross paths with once that will tweak the direction you’re traveling in. We all must remember that the One who created us works through the words and actions of others to help us in our moments of need.

All too often, we can get so lost in life experiences that we become blind to the subtle signs placed along our path every step of the way. But, they’re there, nonetheless. When that happens, it can feel like you’ve lost the road map to your journey, and in some respects, you have. Becoming and remaining consciously aware is the key to sensing those signs.

Awareness – it’s what you are at a soul level. You are not your body, your personality, the clothes that you wear, or the things that you own. When all is said and done, you are simply the awareness of all of these things. Pure conscious awareness. Yet the distractions of the physical world are so effective at pulling you away from being aware of the signs from Spirit that provide comfort, validation, and, most importantly, the life guidance you so desperately seek. When you understand the importance of being consciously aware, it’s your responsibility to maintain balance in your life, supporting that state of awareness.

Proper balance is attained when you can feel equally grounded in the physical aspect of your existence and the energetic. When you’re overly connected to the physical world and the craziness that comes with this experience, it’s easy to take life too seriously, forgetting that we are eternal beings – forgetting that this is simply a temporary assignment. While it’s not practical to think that the average person can afford to sit in deep meditation for hours every day, a balance can be achieved by intentionally incorporating activities that relieve stress and provide opportunities for the mind to relax and move into a state of pure awareness. When this is done, clarity, inspiration, and comfort begin to flow into your life.

If you find yourself overrun with anxiety and need to learn ways to shift into a better state of balance, there are people who can help. Remember that self-care is not self-ish. Take time to connect with me or someone else who’s trained in this area to help you find and maintain balance in your life so that you won’t miss out on the signs meant for you!

Namaste’, Susan


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