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Live a Wow Life, Now!

Live a Wow Life, Now!

Live a Wow Life, Now!Hello my friends, Happy September, I hope you are enjoying the exercises I’ve been sharing since January. I hope you have worked on these, it is very powerful to do these exercises. Remember, just by reading these articles you will feel true shifts in your consciousness; as I said before, the […]

About the writer: Todd Stockwell

Todd is a Teacher and Healer that guides others to reach their own personal bests, find their divine path and live a joyful and empowered life. He has been an expert guest on WBZT, Wisdom, Clear Channel, Achieve, and BBS Radio, Body Mind Spirit Radio, and many other TV and radio stations. He is also an artist, award-winning writer, songwriter, inventor, and a loving father.

There Is Only the Now

There Is Only the Now

There Is Only the Now Time only exists in your mind. According to Albert Einstein and others, time and space are not separate entities. They are in the same space, that’s why we call it the “space-time continuum”. As that is true, doesn’t it stand to then realize that you yourself are timeless, and in […]

About the writer: Miche Lame'

Miche has been compassionately guiding people for over 25 years. Through Spiritual Living and Healing Miche utilizes Intuitive and Universal Principals to guide you in healing your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual state. www.spirituallivingandhealing.com

Living an Abundant Life

Living an  Abundant Life

Living an Abundant LifeLiving an abundant life requires you to be kind to yourself. You are the center of your own universe, meaning the center is everywhere and not in one place. You are the vortex in which things manifest in your life. Through opening up and loving yourself, you let the flow of good […]

About the writer: Barbra White

Barbra White M.A, Di.hom is dedicated to awakening people to their innate worth. Over 20 years’ professional experience, life-changing mentor, gifted intuitive, best-selling author, and masters in transpersonal psychology. www.MotherBearSanctuary.com www.BarbraWhite.com

Daily Affirmation: Abundant Wealth

Daily Affirmation:    Abundant Wealth

Daily Affirmation: Abundant Wealth I  am so joyous and grateful for the continuous gush of money flowing to me every moment of every day.  It flows freely, directly and non-stop through multiple channels that are generous, kind and supportive of my highest good.  I know, and always remember, deep within my soul that God, and […]

About the writer: Body Mind Spirit Guide

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