Friday, September 25, 2020
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The Many Faces of God From Astara’s Book of Life

By Samantha Pennala The Eighth Degree of Astara’s Book of Life deals with the mysteries of many of the world’s...

Three Keys to Personal and Planetary Change

There are three keys to your individual and planetary change. Remembering your purpose, clearing the guilt box and radical self acceptance.. 1—Your evolutionary purpose...

The World NEEDS YOU!

The World NEEDS YOU!

"Do everything you can to relieve human suffering from your compassionate heart AND at the SAME MOMENT see the PERFECTION in it all...even your need to get rid of it." Ram Dass

See the harmony or the karmic reason in the suffering AND take action. See only suffering and it will overwhelm you, and never feel enough. You become a bleeding heart.. See only the perfection or "it’s just karma" and you miss the compassion..... Dark and light are all part of omni-present force called God...and your Life....

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Are Your Thoughts Serving You?

Are Your Thoughts Serving You? By Phil Rosenbaum Many people have heard about affirmations. Normally we think of affirmations as positive statements we say to ourselves,...