5 Steps to Achieving Authentic Power


5 Steps to Achieving Authentic Power
By Dave Krajovic

Every day our lives are impacted by the forces of the world. Maybe it is politics, the laws of the land, violence, societal norms, religion, big business, natural forces or whatever; they all impact us in varying ways and degrees. These are powerful forces. While we all are impacted by these forces, we are not impacted in the same way. Some feel out of control, burdened, hopeless, and powerless, while others are invigorated, optimistic, passionate and grateful.

At the same time these forces are at play, there are other forces that shape who we are that we are likely not even aware of. These forces are the energies that we hold within. These energies are the feelings we have suppressed and the thoughts we believe in. These energies decide our experiences and define who we are.
These energies are why two people can share the same outward experience, yet describe the same thing very differently. For example, one might say, “Gee, another grey, cold, snowy, spring day in Michigan,” and feel depressed. The other person might say, “I love these early spring grey snowy days, they help me appreciate warm sunny days even more.”

Understanding that outward experience does not define who we are, is the first step to claiming your power. The second step is to be aware. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Examine your thoughts. Whose thoughts are they? Who put them there? What have I bought into? Feel your feelings. Let them flow. What is the underlying thought that is creating that feeling? The more real you get, the more honest you are with yourself; the more freedom you will achieve and the more power you will step into. Affirm “I am not my thoughts. I am not my feelings.”

The third is to know that you are the one in control, that you are the creator. “Wait! I created that? NO way, man!” You say the world is out of control, there are powerful forces at play and I am but a victim. That power is illusory. It is not real power. Real power is the power to create universes. This is the power that God used to create worlds, the power that you and I can access at any time, all the time.

The fourth step to claiming your power is to go within, which is where you can access the power that creates universes. It resides in you and me. This is the great secret that is being revealed to those who are ready to listen. It is from the silence and stillness within that we can experience incredible bliss and joy, knowing and wonder, wisdom and grace. It is here that we can access the field of infinite possibilities. This is the power that creates universes and it is yours to command.

From the place of stillness, you can access the fifth step to authentic power which is to create a clear and present connection with your higher soul. By aligning with the higher soul, you have surrendered your lower will to your higher will. You are now one with Universal flow and the creative force of the Universe. This is the energy that creates worlds. It is the energy that allows the sun to rise every morning, the seasons to change, the flowers to open graciously to the sun’s rays and that holds the stars in the night sky. It all happens with ease, grace and beauty. Such will be your life when you align with this flow. When you are aligned, there is clarity in your life and Wisdom now guides you. This will feel good to you for at last, you have come home to your essential nature.

This is simple. You have problems because at a deep unconscious level you are resisting Universal flow; you are resisting who you truly are. No more! Reject the limitations society has placed on you. Reject their false god of power and control and step into alignment with real authentic power. Isn’t it time for you to be you? When you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose, there is no one who is more powerful than you.

Dave & Pat Krajovic

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David Krajovic MBA, CPA, CMT David and his wife Pat are dynamic and engaging partners to anyone who desires to restore personal power, find inner peace and live an Inspired Life. They founded the award-winning BodyWorks Healing Center in Plymouth, MI, the Global Breath Institute and are the co-creators of Ascension Breathwork. They have created a revolutionary body of work combining contemporary and ancient teachings to help you ascend above limitation and access the human potential. Their Inspired Life Mastery programs gently yet powerfully disintegrate obstructions to happiness, good health, peace, prosperity and spirituality. 734-416-5200 or ascensionbreathing.com


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