A Crystal Will Find You


By Laura Moody

A long time ago, over the sands of time, there was a place in the Sahara Desert where a mineral lies that is said to be of great power. This powerful stone is a pseudomorph, Limonite/Hematite, and has Marcasite and Pyrite in it. This mineral has morphed over the original structure of the Pyrite. In mineralogy, pseudomorph is a mineral that appears in an atypical form, resulting from a substitution process where the appearance and dimensions remain constant. Still, the original mineral is replaced by another. The name means “false form.”

This high-frequency mineral is also found in the Libyan Desert and Egypt and is called the “prophecy” stone. It is said to be the stone of the Seeker and the Transformer and helps you transform your life and find your true path.

It is known to help with visions; once one makes a deep connection to it, one will receive prophetic messages. It is also said to help clear thinking and open your third eye. Is it true that holding onto a stone, mineral, or crystal will create a change in you? I believe it can. There is a saying that we do not find a crystal, but a crystal finds us; I find it fascinating that a mineral from the opposite ends of the earth, millions of years old, can end up in my hand. It is a magical thing!

I have worked with crystals for over ten years and find they all possess subtle energy. Some help ground me, some help me with clear thinking, and some I feel better holding. I like to meditate with crystals; I sometimes speak to them and ask them how they can help me. They make me happy. It is like flowers. Their structures and shapes are unique. No two are alike. The colors of crystals and minerals often duplicate our chakras. Red for our root, blue for our throat, green for our heart, and so on. Many healers integrate crystals in their healing sessions to raise the vibration and tune in a frequency. Many use crystals for protection. In crystal energy, white and black are protective. Many will carry a black tourmaline or black obsidian to ward off negative energy. I like white Selenite because it transforms negativity into light.

I encourage each of you to let a crystal find and draw you. People ask me how do I know what is a good crystal for me? I respond, “If you like it and like how it feels, it’s yours.” Some people will hold a crystal and feel a vibration up their arm, like a pulse; others feel nothing. I just like how they look and feel. We are all different, and so are the crystals and stones. If you are new to the healing properties of crystals, I encourage you to visit Rock Your World Crystal Store in Laurel Park Place Mall.

We have a wide selection of crystals, minerals, geodes, and prophecy stones! So come explore with me, and see which crystals find you! You will love the adventure!

Rock Your World Crystal Store is located in Laurel Park Place Mall in Livonia, Michigan, at six and Newburg. We are located in the mall center by Olga’s Restaurant and across from Eddie Bauer. This multi-vendor store features metaphysical items as well as home décor. For more on Rock Your World Store, call 313-412-7690


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