A Foundation for Love


Seek love first within your own heart. Find it in the little things in your days and nights. Find it in the bathroom mirror, when you look into your own eyes and remember that the eternal and divine is within you and within everything.

Love is a way of being and a way of interacting with life, where you make every act significant and every moment a gift to the creator.

If God lived within you (and he/she does) what would God do today? How would he/she respond to your circumstances?

Love yourself when you are angry, because anger is fear that we aren’t loved and safe. So, open to that place within yourself where you recognize that your fear is a child, and love yourself where you are small and wounded. Forgive yourself for being unkind when you feel this way. You are precious and divine.

Give thanks for the things in life that stress you out, they are your greatest teachers. They ask you to find muscles and courage and power that you didn’t believe you owned. Being God in human form, all things exist within you in potential, but you may need to work harder, to realize some gifts that you haven’t already mastered.

Remember that you are eternal and unbreakable, and a one of a kind gift of the creator.

Listen to the still, small voice within. If it tells you that something is not what it seems, honor your inner wisdom. If it seems too good to be true, give it time, and wait for it to reveal itself fully. If it feels right, but looks wrong, investigate further and ask – is this perhaps a step in the right direction, but perhaps not what I ultimately desire? Don’t believe your eyes and your ears, if your inner self tells you otherwise. Within you is the ability to know the truth, even though you don’t know how you know. Trust this; it is your most precious gift. Pay attention.

You are a precious gift of the divine and every moment, every circumstance; every act is an opportunity to master the gift that is your life. Be thankful for that. It is only through living through the days and nights of our lives that we realize the innate power that we possess.

Being yourself is the only opportunity you have to know God. If you try to be what someone else wants you to be, if you judge yourself for being different, you miss the point and you waste your time. You are exactly perfect in each moment, exactly as you are. Who you are right now is the foundation for who you will be tomorrow. You don’t have to be the pinnacle of perfection in an ultimate sense. Build on what is genuine and you will find fulfillment, joy, and love.

By: Eve Wilson


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