A Lesson on Headaches


A Lesson on Headaches…

by Penny Golden

Ladies, if your man says let’s lay down and visit a bit if you DON’T see any lotion or massage oil, it’s time to have a headache.

Now, if he got out the lotion, mention your shoulders feel are a little tight; if he DOES NOT offer you a back rub, it’s time to have a headache.

But if he offers a back rub and starts rubbing your shoulders, and it feels so great that you feel compelled to say “Thank you,”.. STOP!

And here is the lesson: The second you say ‘THANK YOU,” he will immediately stop, freakishly fast. That’s it, you said, “thank you,” he’s done.

My questions to the men “how are you able to wax your whole car and not be tired, but two minutes of back rubbing is it?” that’s all you got?

So, Ladies, back to the lesson, if you say, “Thank you,” and he stops, you guessed it, … time to have a headache.

The moral of the story: Not all headaches are bad, and 2 minutes is not a back rub.. 😊

Penny Golden


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