Awaken Through Prayer


When we realize that God is within us as well as outside of ourselves, we flex our spiritual muscles. We feel inspired and awakened, even when engaged in mundane activities. A mind focused on divinity is not zombified; it doesn’t lose its capacity for reason. Rather, its awareness is expanded and so too is our capacity for compassion.

How do we reach this state that the mystics strove to achieve? There is nothing new; the most powerful ways are meditation, right thought and action, service to others, and prayer. Prayer is the universal language of all religions. It is a natural expression and language of our souls. Gary and I were so inspired by the extraordinary prayer techniques taught to us by our Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, that we wrote the book, Power Prayer, which explains the dynamics of prayer and how this can be used as an outward-moving expression of love.

Repeating a prayer does several positive things for the person praying. It helps our distracted ‘ping pong’ conscious mind to focus, and it frees our soul in increments. Just as it has taken you hundreds of years and millions of acts to forge the fetters that bind you, soul to the body, so it takes repeated prayer and constant effort to unloosen these fetters. With each good act, prayer, mantra, we awaken more deeply towards love and its expression.

Repetitive prayer, as well as the chanting of mantra (a high form of prayer), have immense power. The Greek Orthodox monks knew this and reported extraordinary mystical experiences that stemmed from their repetition of a single prayer. They believed that prayer facilitates divine union by attracting the mind to the heart – the seat of divinity. This is no longer just the realm of the mystics. Quantum physicists today have made discoveries that resonate with the mystics’ experiences through the ages.

Spirituality and Science

In the past, spirituality and science were hand-in-hand as two sides of one coin. Now, once again, they are beginning to join together. Enlightened scientists are awakening to the unseen realms; to the power of intention and the realization that thought energy affects us and our environment.

Very soon, I believe, the two disciplines will join once and for all. They need each other. This joining of spirituality and science was one of the central themes of Dr. King’s work. He brought together these two sacred disciplines through his inventions of ‘spiritual technology’ that bring healing, harmony, and love on a global scale.

Bestselling author, Lynne McTaggart, is one person who is working hard to help bring this union about. In her books, you can read about the work of quantum physicists who have discovered that all matter is interconnected on some hidden level referred to as ‘the field’. This was referred to by Dr. King and others before him, as ‘the ether’.

Quantum physicists have also proven that some subatomic particles have a nonlocal quality. They are interconnected with others and are able to communicate instantly even when separated by large distances. Pairs of photons – packets of light energy – can influence each other instantaneously, even when shooting off in divergent directions. In nonlocal interaction, distance has no meaning. It indicates that subatomic particles are not really particles but the visible manifestations of an invisible whole.

Scientists are now awakening to this deeper, unseen realm. Like quantum physicists today, mystics have described and experienced the state of the union as being everywhere at once. In Thomas 77 from, The Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says: “I am the light which is above all things, I am all things; all things came forth from me and all things reached me. Split wood, I am there; lift the stone up, you will find me there.”

My husband, Gary and I will be conducting two classes in April and May on Mantra and Prayer. These are Mantra: The Sacred Science of Sound on Saturday, April 13 at 2:00 p.m. and, The Yoga of Prayer: How to Channel the Power of the Universe on Tuesday, May 21 at 7:30 p.m. Please join us! (See The Aetherius Society’s ad for further information).


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