Awe at the Wailing Wall


Ever hear that expression of someone who has “dropped to my knees in awe?” Have you ever had this experience? I was not really mindful of what that phrase meant until visiting Israel recently. There was a point where I found myself literally dropping to my knees in the Western Wall Tunnel.
There I was, surrounded by stone. Walking on stone, stone to both sides of me and over my head, running my right hand along the cool, stone walls. In the semi-dark, feeling the smooth stone, allowing connection with the energies within, mindfully I walked. Feeling the vibrations from multitudes of other souls on their journeys, touching my spirit, heart and mind.
Suddenly, the vibrations where so strong, so high, my knees went weak (yes, another common phrase), and my spirit went soaring. Overwhelmed with awe, my physical body dropped to its knees. Vibrations rising, harmonizing, expanding, connecting to Divine Source, I knew my Self to be All. Connected to All. To be Love. Know that I AM LOVE.
Later, I found out this particular spot was alongside the Temple Mount where the ark was said to reside.
Most of us reading this article are awaking to the vibrations of the universe we physically and energetically live in. We know that if we are open and accepting, we are able to experience more than just the mundane. That we can be aware, mindful and connected to the universe on an energetic, deeper, level. This can open up the doorway to the awe that is Divine Source. This vibrational feeling is powerful and fuels our own spiritual growth.
As we allow this connection with awe, with Divine Source, we enable our own vibration to sing in harmony along with Source/God. The more we connect, experience and practice this harmony, the faster our vibration starts to rise to meet Source/God’s. Like attracts like. We start to live in an awesome way, connecting with our Highest Self, being our Highest Self, and expanding our Highest Self to continuously be in connection with Divine Self, knowing our divinity.
Any place you feel safe and allow yourself to be open to the vibrations of the universe is an opportunity for vibrational growth. Meditation is one of the easiest pathways to connecting with Source/God and raising your vibration. People report feeling calm, peaceful, loved, refreshed and energized after meditating. I believe this is due to connection with the highest vibration of Source/God; merging with and matching the vibration of Divinity. Touching and matching the vibration of Awe is going to leave an energetic mark and affect our vibration on an individual and global scale, leading us to transcendence and enlightenment in the now.
Being in nature often calls one to connect with Divine Source/God, and connect with the vibration of awe. Notice the uplifting feeling most of us receive while out in the woods. Away from the man-made world, we more easily touch divinity, nature’s vibrational quality. Being mindful, we are able to open our hearts more easily in the natural, non-egoistic world of nature, and touch upon, connect with, Divine Source/God. When allowing ourselves to expand and know that we too are Divine Love and connected with All, we feel a sense of awe with this connection.
The more we mindfully allow ourselves to connect with Divine Source, the more awe we feel and the more natural it becomes. This becomes our new habit and, over time, we become consistently connected and mindful of our own awesomeness. As our maintenance with our connection with Divine Source/God becomes more consistent, our vibration rises, we feel more awe, more easily. This is our guidepost that we are on the right path towards spiritual growth and being the Divine Love that we are.
Miche’ Lame


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