Ayahuasca Ceremony Weekend Trip in 2019


Feeling depressed? Lost? Confused? Have you ever been curious about wanting to know more about this life and why you are here? What’s your purpose? Would you like to explore beyond the confines of matter? I believe I can assist you in finding these things out, and more!

“Let’s bypass the mundane conscious mind to explore the richness of that which is beyond the veil of this reality“

In the past one had to fly to Peru and head into the jungle to take part in these potential life-changing ceremonies. Not any longer! I am happy to announce that I will be taking a group of those who are beginning to wake up and ask deep intriguing questions. The good news is we do not have to fly, but drive, only 6 1/2 hours to Berea, Kentucky. I have already been there and found this place not only to be credible— but knowledgeable, respectful and clean. I am looking forward to going back. This will be one of many scheduled trips that I will be leading into 2019 and beyond. This may be your calling. We will be participating in two ayahuasca journeys; Friday evening and Saturday evening before heading home Sunday afternoon.

The gentleman that will be there for guidance and to navigate our group, as well as myself, is Demian Gover. To say we are in good hands is an understatement. Demian is a “ medicine man “ ordained by Oklevueha Native American Church and an ordained minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry, and is the chief minister of ONAC of the Peaceful Mountain Way; established in September of 2015 with over five hundred people as participants in their ceremonies thus far.

To find out more about Oklevueha Native American Church please visit www.peacefulmountainway.org. Here you can also join and become a member. Which is necessary to receive your membership card before taking part in their ceremony. On their site, they offer a plethora of information that is helpful. Please explore to know more.

If interested email me at MBNCoach@gmail.com or call me at 313-207-4483 I’ll break down the price as well as answer any question you may have. We will be going together in a van that will lead to many great conversations on our trip to & fro. This will be a very informative trip that will keep you wanting to know more. I’ve been researching everything metaphysical for over a decade. We will leave on a Friday between 8-9 am and be back Sunday around 7-8pm.

I look forward to sharing this awesome weekend with those who want to take part in self-exploration.

The price includes lodging for both nights. The two ayahuasca The ride to and from. Organic vegetable soup after both ceremonies.


Local eateries are available. We will eat super light over the weekend.

Always my Best!

Liam Helton


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