Be the Thinker


By Laura Moody

Have you ever found yourself angry about something that to others seemed very little? Or some idea comes into your mind about a place or activity you have yet to experience? Thoughts seem to come and go. But where do they come from? Are they ours, or are we just picking up thoughts like a radio wave? We assume that our thoughts hold truth, but do they?

We all think we started thinking as infants. Some of our thoughts reflect our upbringing. If, when we were little, we were taught that the world is a “scary” place, we tend to hold that thought as an adult. If we are taught that the world is lovely, our thoughts tend to resonate with that idea.
Louise Hay, famous author and former publisher of Hay House, states that our thoughts “create our world .”And if we change our thoughts, we can change our world. So how do we do that? Can we really control what we think? I believe we can with a bit of help from affirmations.

Affirmations are words that we say which may not feel true at that moment. For example, “I have a beautiful body .”I may not feel I have a beautiful body; my thoughts may say I don’t have a beautiful body, I am too fat or thin, or I do not have enough curves. So where does this body critic come from? Is it me? Or just a thought that came in that I held as truth. I, as the thinker, can accept or reject my thoughts. I can have power over them. As I change my thoughts to more positive ones, I can change my life and can heal. Years ago, I held the belief that my life was unlucky. I believed it was karma. I reject that thought today and believe that “life loves me .”That the universe is on my side, I choose to think that thought. I am the thinker of my life and my world.

I encourage you to change your thoughts. Start with affirmations. A good one is “Life Loves Me .”Look in the mirror and say it every chance you get. Do not hold an emotion or resonate with a negative thought that keeps you from moving forward in your life. Be the thinker of your thoughts. Start with daily affirmations, and keep your thoughts high and happy. See how it changes your world; this is a process and takes time. Be patient with yourself. Remember, thoughts are like clouds, they float in and out, and only if we hold importance to them do they become “our truth .”You can heal your world by starting with thoughts.
I like to use pictures to help me stay focused. A vision board allows me to keep my thoughts intact. So be the thinker of your thoughts, and let’s start with this.
“Today is a great day”!

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