Being Wise is Not Enough


By Susan deCaussin

It’s an exciting time to be alive! With all the available books, workshops, and healing tools, it’s easy to pump yourself full of the knowledge needed to live with confidence, strength, and comfort. However, many people get frustrated and mentally beat themselves up when faced with adversity. Despite all the wisdom they’ve accumulated over the years, they can’t seem to move through it. The truth of it is you can’t just know it; you have to live it!

As someone who offers guidance to others as a profession, my biggest challenge comes from working with those who can recite all of the great spiritual teachings but need more motivation or inspiration to walk the talk. When you know but find yourself locked in a negative situation, the pain can be compounded by the guilt of not being able to break the cycle on your own. And this can be especially difficult for healers and spiritual leaders. Many in that community have adopted the thought that, as healers and leaders, they should be able to have all of the answers and avoid every painful circumstance in life. Newsflash – even healers need healers!

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that we live in a powerfully transformational time for humanity and the planet. Now, take a deep breath! Give yourself credit for simply moving through each day, maintaining some level of sanity and stability. As we move into a higher vibrational way of being, our bodies are struggling to evolve with this change. Deep-seated negative memories and emotions, which are of a low vibration, can no longer reside within us. While we used to be able to push down and ignore the trauma from the past, it’s now bubbling up to the surface. Holding onto that energy causes a disturbance in your physical and mental well-being. Releasing it allows your soul to ascend to a higher level of existence. But, knowing this isn’t enough. Action is required.

When applying the wisdom you’ve gathered over the years to your own life circumstances, don’t shy away from making yourself accountable – every day.

Dust off an inspiring book from your past and dive back into it. You’ll find that as you evolve, your perspective shifts, and you can understand things at a deeper level.

Take charge of your thoughts. Thoughts do become things…so what are you thinking about regularly? Are you steering your mind in the direction of things that you don’t want – living in a fear-based state? Police your thoughts and begin to seek the good in every person and situation that crosses your path.

Set goals for yourself and chart your progress. We often discount the steps we’ve already taken and focus on what still needs to be done. If keeping a journal feels like too much work, get into the habit of mentally patting yourself on the back each time that you purposely choose to shift your thoughts and life in a positive direction.

Create positive affirmations. Post and repeat them throughout the day. Feel the emotions related to having the desired life and allow yourself to move into receiving mode with the energy of those feelings.

As with everything in life, coping is easier when you have others who can understand and validate what you’re going through. Although the past three years have created isolation scenarios for a large portion of the population, don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re alone as you struggle to make sense of it all. We’re all in this together. Gathering with like-minded individuals in a judgment-free environment can do wonders for your mental tenacity. Reaching out to speak with a spiritual leader, therapist, or even a support group, can provide the strength you need to avoid moving into a victim mentality.

If you are still feeling blocked, sometimes Hypnotherapy can help to release those blocks which are keeping you from living your best life. Reach out if I can help. Namaste’ Susan


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