Calling All Leaders and Healers


Sing your song of love. Sing your song of peace. Your voice, your giving, your one act of kindness shifts the collective field.

Ask to see all you meet “as God/Love sees them.” Practice letting your internal lens shift with this intention, and a divine optical correction will begin to happen. Do this daily and not only will terminal cynicism and infectious hate be anti-doted in your blood stream, you will begin to see love in the mirror.

We see the world how we see ourselves (and vise versa). A desire to punish and attack others is from our own abscess of self attack. We can only look with the lens we have. Be willing to see the harmony in the suffering and even welcome your desire to relieve it. Compassion does not mean you agree, it just means you have seen the bigger picture, and no longer think more hate is the cure.

I am SO excited about the win…win…win projects I am bringing to the Detroit area.

It feels time. So many folks are asking the questions, “What is my purpose?” or “How do I bring this holistic message to the planet?” or “How do I connect with more people?!”

Here are some principles that will help:

#1: Know you have a unique message to bring. Even if 1000x people do something similar, you have a particular flavor in the ice cream parlor of God to express. I have seen when people start giving inward permission to their creativity… their life changes. You have a unique song to sing in the choir of Creation. When you depress your song, you become depressed. Depression is a signal, not a life condition.

#2: Don’t start from asking, “What is my purpose?” or “What is my unique message?” It will be revealed. As you clear what’s in the way through self acceptance, your purpose and message will emerge. Clear what’s in the way. Go deep. More four-step processes can only get you so far. Your dreams are about your Soul’s becoming. You’ve got it already, baby.

#3: Ask daily, “What wants to emerge through me?” It will show up. You are a distribution point of good on the planet. You are the One you have been waiting for. You are a leader and healer.

Calling all warriors of love!!!
Starting January 6, 2016: Every Wednesday 7-8:30 PM
at Accepted As I Am Center in Plymouth, MI…

We are offering powerful amplification and support to enhance your purpose, gifts and unique message being realized on the planet. You are an ambassador of a new paradigm of peace and a warrior of love–the world needs you! 2nd and 4th Wednesdays: Inspirational presentation, Self Acceptance Process, and Qi Gong by Barbra White, followed by a 5-8 min. presentation from one of our community’s ambassadors of love. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays: Community support and networking. Every gathering is donation-based with all proceeds going to children’s empowerment (Superhero Training Academy) and Detroit food justice initiatives.

Here is another reason why I am so excited about this gathering: those that would like to present their message to the community can have it video taped! Life/God brought me an amazing video productionist (Danny Schultz) and a social media publicist (Sara Vos). Danny can edit your video to use on Facebook or your website. Sara and I can offer amazing tips to bring your message to a broader market. This gathering is going to help so many people in a spiritual, practical and transformational way!

I am also excited about my new book, Finding The One. Finding the One is a “spiritual Sex and the City” with powerful life-changing principles and authentic guidance. This book ignites you into allowing an empowering foundation for relationship, dating, sexuality, and life. My personal humorous dating quips remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

I gave my life to the spiritual path and service twenty years ago. Through a dark night of the soul in my early twenties, I became a resounding voice for love and acceptance. I knew after that year, that everything “dark” within us (our perceived unloveabilities, fears, bad habits) can be used to nourish us to blossom, and from self love we each become our own medicine.
However, the amazing healing sessions from my radical self acceptance teachings initially scared me! This ignited me into researching and recording the self acceptance principles for what has now been 30,000 session hours. This research became my books, and the foundation of the Self Acceptance Process.

Even so, six years ago, in the midst of all this spiritual growth and service, I left my partner of 10 years and became single. I started going on dates and immediately forget all that I knew! I would become the insecure little girl who desperately wanted the man’s approval. Going on hundreds of dates, I dove even deeper into self love and the study of what was true intimacy, sexuality and conscious communication. I also traveled to many, many workshops on these topics and read furiously. I continued to research and record my personal learning and clients’ transformations around dating, relationship, sexuality, and self acceptance. Like my previous research in self acceptance, I saw the limiting patterns we unknowingly do in relationship and the power of universal principles of self acceptance.

Finding the One is a collection of all this wisdom and is going to help so many people who are trying to find their “Self” in relationship, dating and sexuality. It will help so many people who are painfully searching for the ‘one’. ALSO, this winter’s gatherings, “Calling All Leaders and Healers” are going to help so many people express their dreams. I am so, so geeked, and thrilled!

In being you, in only the way you can, you yield to the leader, healer and lover you were born to be. In being you, you effortlessly give love through your very presence. Big hug and bow to you all. See you all soon!

Barbra White


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