Can your dreams be prophetic?


Have you ever woken up with the feeling that your dream was a warning of something yet to come? Dreams that usually stick with you, or dreaming the same dream several nights in a row, are certainly trying to tell you that this is a prophetic dream and to pay attention. I believe that for some people they can take an astral trip to the other side and visit spirit, receive information, and at times be given a warning.

This is exactly what happened to me a few years ago. You see, I did not know it when I went to sleep one night and my deceased brother-in-law would save my life. Funny, when I went to sleep that night, it never crossed my mind that I would see my brother-in-law who died five years earlier.

As I closed my eyes and moved into REM sleep, I crossed over the barrier that divides this world from the spirit world. I was on a blood thinner and the dosage was over-prescribed. I truly did not feel anything was wrong and my doctor told me to come back in two weeks to check my coumadin levels. As I walked in my deep sleep to what seemed like a living room full of light, I saw my brother-in-law sitting in an easy chair. He was a bit upset when he saw me and told me it was not my time. He told me, no, and demanded that when I wake-up that I should go to the emergency room. This was so startling to me that I did just that, and found I was in extreme danger of having a brain bleed, as my medication was way too high and most likely I would not have made it through the day. Thanks to my dear brother-in-law, I am alive to tell this story. It is so very important to listen to your dreams or little voice!

Prophetic dreams at times warn us. You might receive a warning of a personal incident that could cause you serious harm, or even learn of a world event like an earthquake, or when the World Trade towers came down; several people had dreams of this event. Most of my world predictions come through my dreams, such as when I saw the Berlin Wall come down one year before it did.

Have you had a dream and found that it was unfolding in your waking hours? If you answered yes, you may have had a prophetic dream, or you could be experiencing Déjà vu. You do not need to be psychic to experience prophetic dreams; if you pay attention to your dreams you will find your dreams quite often warning or making you aware of your future.

It was a belief in Mesopotamia that the soul leaves the body while sleeping, and visits people go to places they have not traveled to and even talk with Gods who showed them their life path.

In Asian cultures, they believe you travel to your future so that you can be warned of what’s ahead to make better decisions. Christians believe in prophetic dreams, as they are an important part of the Bible. God and the Holy Spirit appeared in peoples’ dreams with visions and messages. There are over 121 prophetic dreams recorded in the Bible. Native Americans believe dreams are meant to communicate with their ancestors, often using hallucinating substances found in plants and roots, in order to have a vivid dream vision.

Many cultures throughout the ages have reported having prophetic dreams. The Egyptians wrote down their dreams, keeping a dream diary to better remember their dreams and interpret their meanings. They believed that dreams were oracles to help communicate with the Gods.

Keep a dream diary, write down notes even before you get out of bed in the morning. Dreams quickly fade. Even those that don’t believe they dream indeed do, but they quickly forget as they start to think of the day ahead.

Sweet dreams… Wendy Powers Nugent


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