December 21, 2012 – Is This The Great Change?


The good news is that the world will not end on December 21, 2012 as some have predicted. Neither is it true that we will all become enlightened overnight on this day, as others would have us believe.

There is talk of “a shift in consciousness” and many people are aware of this. From a metaphysical perspective, this is connected to the raised vibrations of Mother Earth as we move into a New Age upon this planet.

We can consciously choose to be on this journey towards enlightenment today – but we will not become enlightened overnight. Enlightenment is a long, slow process as the butterfly of our higher self emerges from the chrysalis of our basic self, as we unwrap the ties that bind us over lifetimes and allow our Divine self to shine ever more brightly.

The fact that we’re on the cusp of a dawning New Age– the end of one cycle and beginning of the next; the end of the time period called the 13th Baktan in Mayan Astrology and the beginning of the 14th Baktan; means we’re going through karmic watershed.

Karma has a positive phase as well as a negative one; now, things from the past will be coming to our attention. We can expect a global shake-up, and should be prepared.

There was a wise saying from the 19th Century that “coming events cast their shadows before them.” We have seen this with the collapse of the global economy, Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and radical weather patterns including the recent Hurricane Sandy that wreaked havoc on the East Coast of the USA. These are shadows of what we might expect at this time of global transition.

It will not be easy; but neither will it be impossible. This time holds within it the seeds of greatness; the potential for our enlightenment and that of the world – but it’s up to us.

Hopis and Mayans saw this time, as do mystics, astrologers and other prophets and seers, as a transition from one Age to another, which it is. The shift is inevitable but it is our choice as to how we make the shift.

Masters and Ascended Masters from The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, and Interplanetary Masters are, at this time, sacrificing their precious energy to teach, guide, love and inspire us. However, the real work still has to be done by each of us; the more we do, the more the Great Ones can do.

In my Spiritual Master’s words: “Miracles on Earth are done by man for God, not by God for man.” Dr. George King

There is no magic pill that we can swallow, or angel dust that we can sprinkle; it is the individual and combined efforts of all of us who care, that will enable the change to take place in the least disruptive way.

We have a karmic pattern made up over lifetimes. We are working through challenges from the past, as well as embracing opportunities now.

While karma is an exact law that we cannot skip around, it’s also true that catastrophe and disaster are not inevitable. If we work in positive ways to help, heal and give service to others, we can transmute our individual and collective karma. We can raise the vibrations of all around us; we can bring the energy of Love – Spiritual Energy – more fully into the world.

In The Aetherius Society, we shall be celebrating December 21, 2012 by holding a special Prayer Circle for Peace. Together we can use the power inherent within this day to help bring positive, loving change to ourselves and our world.

Please join us December 21 for a Prayer Circle followed by a social. All are warmly welcome.

Venue: The Aetherius Society, 3119 N. Campbell Road, Royal Oak, 48073. Tel: (248) 588-0290.

Chrissie Blaze



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