“Do your Emotions influence your eating habits?


My education is in the field of dietetics or nutrition. Because I have been practicing in this field for over 20 years I am acutely aware of how our eating habits adversely affect our physical and emotional health. Maybe not today but in the future your body will begin to manifest what it has been nourished with and it will either carry you through your life with energy and vibrancy or it will become a burden.

It is easy for me to trace the effects back to the cause because I have been studying nutrition for a long time but for most people food is just food. I marvel at how magnificently our body on a cellular level is designed to heal and renew and repair itself throughout its lifetime. What is even more fascinating to me is that the body does this by utilizing the nutrients it receives from the food we put into it. Putting the very best fuel into your own body makes sense.

All food will provide calories the body can burn in order to move itself around. But not all food is able to nourish our bodies in the way that food was meant to do. It is paradoxical that while we are consuming more than adequate calories (as evidenced by the growing obesity rate) our bodies, on a cellular level, are malnourished and starving for the nutrients that will fuel them.

We tend to look at food as something to make us feel good on a psychological level when food is actually a source of healing to keep the body balanced, and to bring it back into balance after it has gone through some stressful event. We need the unique nutrients in all foods at one time or another. In fact our bodies know what is needed to heal and balance it and lets us know this through cravings if we are deficient in certain essential vitamins or minerals.

However, overconsumption of processed foods has altered our ability to discern what the body is telling us as we struggle with food addictions. Most individuals do not even realize that all the added fat, sugar, and salt is added for the purpose of keeping you wanting more. Processed food is designed to keep you sick. Offering calories but no nutrients to feed or heal your body.

I saw hypnosis as a tool to help individuals who were struggling with negative health related attitudes, false beliefs, and self defeating behaviors. Speaking directly to the subconscious mind to turn negative health attitudes into positive attitudes combined with nutritional education can help the individual on the road to a more healthful lifestyle.

The beliefs that we have are held in the subconscious mind. Our beliefs are formed by repetition of the same thought whether we deem it good or bad if we think it often enough and expect it to be so then it becomes our belief. Keep in mind that a belief is not “truth” it is just a thought that has been repeated so often by the conscious mind that the thought now passes’ into the subconscious mind. Thus a new belief is formed.

The wonderful thing about our mind is that we can change it. As humans we tend to get stuck in the same thought process and become comfortable in our limitations. But if we are willing to expand our experiences, we open ourselves up to new ways of looking at the same thing. But to do this we must be willing to allow a new way of thinking and being and doing into our life by changing our thoughts and the way we talk to ourselves about ourselves.

Any change in your life will involve releasing the old and allowing the new so be open to a new perspective. Hypnosis can help prepare the mind for change to happen and it all starts with being aware of your own self talk. If you are speaking words of resistance then resistance is what you will find in your life. If you are speaking words that are open with a willingness to explore new experiences then you will see new things happening in your life.

Everything is a process and it’s that very process that is the most important part of our lives. The process is where everything is happening and the process is now. You cannot jump from the beginning to the end and skip the middle.

Have you become so comfortable in your limitations that change seems unachievable? We want everything to happen fast without any effort but if we don’t put forth effort and if we cannot learn to live in the present moment allowing the process to shape us then we cannot grow and lasting change cannot happen.

Valerie McCloskey

I have a Bachelor degree in Dietitics and have been practicing in this field for 20 years. The decision to incorporate hypnosis into my practice came as a means to help individuals overcome their resistance to change. As I believe that a healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with dieting and everything to do with self respect and accountability. [vmillmcc@sbcglobal.net]


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