Don’t Chase.. Attract Instead


By Queen D. Michele

When I played tag as a child, I would rather be chased than the one who was it. Funny how that translated into my adult life. I found myself BEing it more often than not. I was the pursuer much more often than I was pursued. I pursued a college degree, recognition, money, and the “American Dream.” I was programmed and conditioned to chase after my dreams, aspirations, hopes, and desires. As we all did, I took up the challenge to pursue happiness. It’s even in the constitution “that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Synonyms for the word pursue are:

Go After Run After

Follow Chase

Hunt Stalk

Track Trail            

Shadow Dog

Hound Trace

Those words are synonymous with how most of us live our daily lives. We are programmed to chase. However, that is not the natural way of true BEing (ness). It is, however, the natural way of the matrix/system. We are eternal Light BEings, Conscious Energy, a conscious fractal of the One, God, Father, Allah, Jehovah, SourceEnergy, or whatever you call IT. BEing in the present moment, BEing grateful, and BEing Authentic will naturally and organically attract our greatest and highest good to us.

BEing present doesn’t come naturally to us. It is indeed a practice. We must train ourselves to stay out of the past consciously. The Ego has a stronghold there and easily keeps you tied to those old stories that don’t serve your highest good any longer. The past is a distractive tool your Ego uses to stay in control in the front seat. Your past is inaccessible and cannot be changed. Your future is inaccessible as well. Constantly thinking of how different future scenarios will play out steals your power of the present moment. Obsessing what if’s, maybe’s, could be’s, and hoping so’s only creates the presence of lack in your now. Only in the present moment can one co-create with the Universe the realities they want to see show up in their lives.

An attitude of gratitude is also a conscious practice state of BEing (ness). BEing thankful in all things attracts more of the same to you. Consider magnets and how they attract. Now, think of gratitude as a magnet aligning itself with the magnetic field of good, good, and very good. Gratitude is an organic magnet, attracting to it your dreams, aspirations, hopes, and desires with ease. If you embody a mindset of finding the good in all, no matter what, you will build a strong alignment with your Soul/Self, raise your vibration, stop chasing, and begin attracting. If you are running into walls, feeling stuck, disconnected, and downright unlucky, chances are an attitude adjustment is needed. When was the last time you embraced a true attitude of gratitude for what you are experiencing in the present moment? 

Authenticity is only present when someone truly knows who they really are and stand in that power. BEing your authentic Self is attractive and attracts more of the same into your magnetic field. It is another natural magnet attracting good, good, and very good. However, it is one of the most evasive magnets of all. How can we really know if people are truly who they say they are? BEing aligned with your Soul/Self, you become a reader of Energy. It is your native language for you are Energy. 

BEing present, grateful, and authentic will place you in the magnetic field of attraction and out of the mindset of the matrix’s chase. There will be no need to chase anything. You will witness firsthand how the Universe will unfold your dreams, aspirations, hopes, and desires in the most magnificent and miraculous ways. One must consciously practice BEing in the present moment, maintaining an attitude of gratitude, and living their most authentic Self. My New Earth Handbook and Workbook are tools that can help with that. If this piece resonates with you, click on the publication tab on my website,, to view and purchase Traveling Home Together.

Queen D. Michele

Queen, Author, Blogger, Light Worker, Wayshower, and New Earth Representative. She gives her readers considerations and insights to ponder that are designed to assist them on their journey home. 


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