Father’s Day


This is the month of June when we celebrate Father’s Day. I look back at my father and I want to say what a beautiful man I had as a father. He was definitely his own person. He looked like John Wayne — he was tall, and not what I would call super good looking. But, he was my dad.

He was a special dad because he was definitely an interesting man. I know that we can have good or bad fathers. That’s how we get here. Some fathers care more about their families than others; some are very nurturing while others walk out and never come back.

My father took on a set of twins, my sister and I. He fell in love with my mother and through the years he stayed in love with her. He was good to my sister and I and they had a daughter, so then we were three. What was amazing is that he played fair all the way through the marriage; he never made me feel different, which can sometimes happen. We were a family. My father was old school for sure. We used to play cards, pinochle. That’s why today I have a hard time with euchre!

There are men in the world who get married and realize that this is their family, and they honor it all the way through the marriage and are good to their children. Those are the men that I want to say, “THANK YOU” to because they stayed the course and took care of the family, good or bad.

There is a short story I’d like to share with you about my father. I stuttered very badly as a child. I was around 12 years old, and kids made fun of me at school. I had plenty of challenges growing up but this was one of the biggest ones.

My father took the patience and the time to tell me to slow down so that I could speak. My mind was going faster than my words so he helped me, taking time out of his life, to teach me how to talk. To me that was a gift, an absolutely amazing gift, and every now and then when the words don’t come out right, I think of him.

It’s been a long time since he’s been here, but he’s still in my heart and so are his memories. I remember an amazing man who took on a set of twins, a little sister who had heart issues, and a beautiful woman that he loved, my mom, and he never once looked back.

On June 16, Father’s Day, the Michigan Psychic Fair will be in Roseville at the Holiday Inn Express. Come and see us! I know there are a lot of amazing fathers on the other side and we can touch base with them through a psychic or a medium, at Michigan Psychic Fair.


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