Freedom to Trust


On the path of self-empowerment, we encounter these choices: fear or trust, hatred or love, judgment or compassion, reaction or action, despair or hope, blame or forgiveness. We may think of our feelings and attitudes as something that just happens within us; and at the most basic level that is true. The choice comes in when we open our hearts to our Higher Selves which, being eternal and in unity with all life, have a broader and clearer perspective than our instinctual selves. When we choose to identify with our Higher Selves, we begin to perceive life with greater clarity, and find ourselves free to trust, love, be compassionate, act with enlightenment, hope that good will comes from all things, and forgive what hurts us or those we care about.

Our Higher Selves won’t deny that there are reasons to fear, hate, judge, react, despair or blame. Seeing clearly, it sees not only the beneficial outcomes of life’s journeys but understands and has compassion for the dark side of the human experience. What our Higher Selves know is that everything we experience provides us with a necessary opportunity for self-actualization, whether the experience is positive or negative for us. Our Higher Selves also know that our world which appears to be falling apart is actually ascending, and this makes all the difference.

All the challenges we face in our world today are helping us to ascend — to raise our vibration and experience into unity with our Higher Selves, and through that with all of life. For this to occur, our familiar personal and collective sense of self-needs to be dropped like an old suit of clothing. This familiar sense of self is the old-world ego; it has been in control for many lifetimes and it doesn’t let go willingly for the most part. To the degree that we still hold onto the security of this old identity and all the old familiar experience it has built, we are feeling stress. This stress is helping us to let go, but it is the hard way to do it!

If we are identified with our old-world ego, the power of change in the world is like a strong river when a person is holding onto a rock by their fingertips, trying to not be washed away. One finger at a time we are forced to let go; to release our old identities so we can ascend. But there is an easier way! We are free to trust and let go of that rock willingly. When we do, we discover that the river will eventually carry us to the place we desire more deeply than anything — home. Integrating our Higher Selves into our lives and identifying with that, we are home; because that is who we really are. We are eternal, safe, unbreakable, wise, unconditionally loving, capable, gifted and strong. What more could we ask for!

When mind, emotion or instinct is the controlling factor in our lives we are identified with the old-world ego. But deep within each of us, there is a still place which I call, Inner Wisdom. It is a seed of Higher Self planted within us at the moment of conception, and always present. It is most easily accessed through our heart chakra, which is our higher feeling self. It is also the interface between Higher Self and lower ego, mind and emotion, spirit and form.

Through your Inner Wisdom, every aspect of your human self finds its right relationship to every other aspect of you, and to everyone and everything in the world around. As you pay attention to this wise one within you, you begin to develop a relationship with your Higher Self. In this way, you can gradually teach yourself to pause in your reactions to life, in order to access your Inner Wisdom and Higher Self. Through them, you begin to respond with authority, unconditional love, and trust in every circumstance of life.

When Higher Self acts through us our world begins to reflect greater enlightenment. In this way, we can each be a force of change for the good. Our world is going through a time of challenge currently, and that is simply the cycle of life we are in. But as we allow Higher Self to work through our lives, we can ride the waves of change with trust. We can become so strong and centered in our truth that our partnership with Higher Self is cemented with love that will always support us no matter what challenges we face. Then when the waves of change have done their job sufficiently we will be part of a new experience of enlightenment in our world.


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