Gratitude Attitude


Gratitude Attitude
By Wendy Powers Nugent

Once again, we are in the Thanksgiving season of the year. As we look back over the past eleven months, many things might come to mind that was difficult situations that you went through, and of course, some good sprinkled throughout the months as well. Stressful times are exhausting while trying to cope with the lessons and transitions life takes us through, but how we process those times is very important to our soul and spiritual growth.

I was touched by an event that happened just before I sat down to write this article. I was thinking about the subject that I would write about in this issue while having my morning coffee. I turned on the news and saw Ellen DeGeneres making a statement defending her sitting next to President George W. Bush during the Dallas Cowboys football game. I thought to myself how nice it was that Ellen was enjoying the game and having fun.

However, when I turned up the volume, I got the real story…she was being attacked by social media for being friends with GW! How dare Ellen sit next to and seem to be having a good time with a Republican! I know, it seems quite trite to me as well, however, that is the mood of this country currently. She went on to say to the haters “We’re all different and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s okay that we’re all different…but just because I don’t agree with someone on everything doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be friends with them.”


She expressed gratitude for having a friendship and enjoyed her day without Attitude. It is hard these days to be friends with people who may have a different belief or hold a different perspective.

We need to defend our differences instead of destroying others as self-appointed representatives of the ”thought” police. I have always taught my children to send hugs not prickly thoughts. Remember that people are very fragile and need love and reassurance. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are here to grow and share kindness and good works while learning how to navigate the negative energy.

Gratitude thoughts can change everything! Much like putting on your thinking cap, put on your kindness cap! When you walk through your day with gratitude, you find yourself smiling and casting out loving light. People feel good around you and you will find that you enjoy the day to the fullest. You will run into people who need your help, such as helping someone in need to pay for their groceries. Good deeds will put goodwill points into your spiritual bank.

In these trying times, the stuff that makes up life continues. People fall in and out of love, having babies and making a living. Friends need hugs and support and of course, loved ones move through the veil of this dimension into the next life. Be grateful for the people in your life and accept them for their differences and love them for their uniqueness.

In your meditations in this month of thankfulness, to help bring positive thoughts and love into your day, place a lit vanilla candle in the room; this will help your energy stay in a positive mindset. If you don’t like the smell of vanilla, use a scent that makes you feel good. I like cinnamon when I don’t have a vanilla candle in the house. At Thanksgiving dinner, we enjoy the aromas of cooking delicious meals and desserts; this brings us a feeling of inner peace. Enjoy your holiday and make sure to have an Attitude of Gratitude!

Peace and Love in this month of Thanksgiving!

Wendy Powers Nugent

Clairvoyant, Minister, Writer, and Certified Spiritual Counselor, Wendy has been a professional psychic for more than 35 years with proven accuracy. Readings by appointment only. Text/call: 248-826-8255. For further information on making an appointment, please visit her website:


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