Healing Families


Families provide us with some of the most profound healing opportunities available in life. They are the foundation for our lessons, providing each individual with the impetus to accomplish what they have come to do in this lifetime. As a healer for families, I have to look beyond the current incarnations and the present set of generations to identify and treat the causes of issues.

The family you were born into was not a random circumstance. It was a very deliberate choice by your higher consciousness combined with a magnetic attraction based on unresolved issues from the past. The choice is based on the gifts and soul qualities you wish to develop and the fulfillment of contracts for playing particular roles within the world story and the lives of those you will touch. Whether for good or ill, these influences are needed for the growth of others as well as yourself. Ultimately, the ill effects will be turned into positive influences through the journey of life and incarnations. During our current phase of evolution, which is a time of ascension to higher levels of truth, negative influences can heal much quicker and with less trauma and drama than in the past!

Healing families is such a complex and interesting process. It becomes evident how the individual souls are working off of each other to evolve. Looking back through generations and lifetimes, I can see how souls have returned time and again to the same relationships seeking mastery of their own self through the challenges presented.

Another fascinating element is the way that a family may have a collective goal that gets worked out across generations. You can see how a child picks up an issue their parent has, which the parent picked up from the grandparent and so forth. Rather than seeing this as a negative, when looked at from a spiritual perspective, we see that these souls are all three committed to the resolution of these issues for themselves and for all humanity. They are developing soul qualities and strengths which are needed. So where the grandparent may have been totally stuck in a negative or untrue state of consciousness, the next generation is still stuck, but less so. They are then able to allow greater freedom and truth within their own children, who in turn may eventually release the issue entirely. This process contributes to the larger community of souls within the world, who will all gain momentum in their evolution because of the victories of others.

A common way of looking at that situation sees the grandparent passing down the issue and future generations suffering from it, which is true in a linear sense. The spiritual perspective shows a different perspective. It reveals that they all agreed, before incarnating, to work together to learn through this challenge and to overcome it. So we might see that the grandparent’s souls were courageous to sacrifice themselves to become so immersed in the darkness of untruth that they became stuck there; then the courage of the next generation to live through that with their parents and begin overcoming it. The next generation has it much easier for the work their parents did, although they may not see it that way! So I see children as benefiting from the work their parents have done, to whatever degree their parents have succeeded in overcoming the challenge. They then are able to take that work to the next higher level and evolve further than their parents were able to do.

Everyone has the same challenges, just packaged differently. We are all seeking to realize our truth and our true potential and we all have obstacles to overcome that help us to do that. While in the outer sense those obstacles look different, from the spiritual perspective we are all learning to find the truth and power that lies hidden within us disguised by fear. That fear takes many forms, but underlying it all is fear.

As a healer, my job is to help souls overcome the fear and related trauma that has blocked them in this and in all lifetimes so that they can realize their true self, which is eternal and made of love. Working with families brings amazing influences to all individuals within the group, helping each to move more freely toward their own truth. Often when people have me do healing for their children it influences everyone — siblings, parents and grandparents in wonderful ways. And when working with parents, the children and grandparents receive healing. Their soul paths are so connected that where one person would never ask for a healing, the effect of others within the family being healed changes them. Especially as the fear and trauma are released; in whatever forms and circumstances they show up, forgiveness happens. Forgiveness sets us free to move forward with confidence and strength and to evolve. It is a wonderful thing!

Eve Wilson


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