Healing for Children


Healing for Children

Children bring us such joy and also present us with some of our deepest challenges. Truly, there is nothing a parent desires more than their child’s happiness, health, and success in life and when any of that is missing it breaks our hearts. Taking a spiritual approach to healing a child is a gentle and rapid way to address issues of health and psychology that brings lasting improvement on every level.

When treating a child’s needs through spiritual healing, a skilled intuitive healer can connect telepathically with the child and have a parent on the phone to provide concrete information and feedback. This is much easier for the child than sitting through an appointment in someone’s office. But more importantly, when you talk with someone telepathically, you can access higher levels of consciousness where they understand the issues and can clarify them for you. Telepathy allows the healer to work directly with the aspects of the soul that are damaged, where and when the wounding occurred.

For instance, where a child has had a bad reaction to an immunization shot, the healer can go to the moment before the injection was given and invite healing of the medicine itself prior to being given and clear negative effects before they occurred. Then they can work with the child’s body, aura, and soul to undo the negative effects that they have suffered with a fair degree of ease and speed. I’ve seen fantastic results with this for children who had life-threatening immune system reactions to such shots where the doctors were surprised and thrilled that a child’s recovery took an unexpectedly positive direction after such a healing. Also with children who have had cognitive and personality changes due to immunizations and allergic responses to other medicines, I have had wonderful feedback from parents and grandparents who were happy to have their children return to their sweet and intelligent selves following spiritual healing work.

This approach is usually effective for children who have suffered traumas of any kind. For instance, in treating emotional trauma due to death in the family, divorce, violence, abuse, abandonment, or anything which generates a strong emotion that creates an irresolvable conflict within the child, spiritual healing can give the most complete improvements with the smallest investment. Parents report improvements in areas of self-confidence, motivation, and relationships with others on a consistent basis.

There are also situations where a child has contracted for a certain set of limitations and in those instances they may not be resolved immediately, but we can help the child and parents to work successfully with those situations for the greatest ease and good for all involved.

Children are wonderful to work with in this way, because they are usually very open and willing. As with everyone, they have a journey that their life has taken for their soul’s growth and learning and often also, for the growth of their parents and family members. So a spiritual healing may also address hereditary issues and the social aspects of their family dynamics. Often these issues can be addressed successfully, bringing a greater sense of peace and unity to the family, and freedom and wholeness to the individuals.

When working with a child’s issues, healing treatments may be recommended also for one or more of the parents if they are open to that. It is amazing how healing one member of a family influences everyone in a positive way. I so enjoy watching that process.

Children who have had extended hospital stays and lots of medical treatment can benefit by helping them to release their pain and anger from invasive treatments and the fear and sense of abandonment that can go with being a part of that system. This release can be instigated at the moment of the trauma by working back in time and then any negative response to that event is easily resolved.

It is such a joy to receive photos and letters indicating a return to happiness and health for a child and to know that the journey to that healing was made easier for them by working spiritually and intuitively to address their issues.

By Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson, Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension. www.spiritualhealers.com, evew@spiritualhealers.com, 734 780-7635.


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