Hypnosis Q & A with Cheryl Beshada C.M. Ht.


Hypnotherapy is the art of using the hypnotic state to elicit positive change and improvement in beliefs, behaviors and physical conditions.

Below are answers that may help you understand hypnosis better and decide if it is right for you!

Q: Can Hypnosis help with manifesting my New Year’s Goals?

A: Absolutely! Hypnosis compliments your manifesting process. Is there something blocking you from achieving your goals, such as a family pattern? Is there a deep subconscious program running with the belief that you are not worthy of receiving? It is best to clear those limiting beliefs before beginning your manifesting program. Through Hypnosis, we can determine if there are any limiting beliefs and release and clear them at the subconscious level so that our conscious mind is more successful with manifesting.

A professional hypnotist can formulate a specific program to help you meet your goals and enjoy the manifesting process.

Looking for a Professional Hypnotherapist?

Go to www.HypnosisPractitionerDirectory.com to find a professionally trained, qualified Hypnotist near you. www.hypnosispractitionerdirectory.com

The Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group is a Directory of individuals that have maintained the Continuing Education Units or requirements specified by the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group (CHPG). to ensure top-notch services.


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