Soul Music – When Angels Sing


I love music and I know most people love music as I do. I personally love Opera, Classical, and Country, actually I like all kinds of music especially Praise and Worship music because it touches the soul.

There are all kinds of music but there is a difference because I am talking about music that touches your soul. Music that makes you want to get out of a chair and dance, makes your heart feel wonderful all the way down to your toes.

This music I think comes from the Angels. It touches you to possible tears. I am talking about a violin, brass, fiddle, cellos, and here’s where the difference is, we all have a soul, in order to love ourselves; and talk to ourselves, talk to your higher power.

So play music, it’s about you loving yourself and how the music makes a difference in the way you feel.

Music is healing. So much so, that if you have health issues or have an emotional moment it can change your life in a good way, music can help you get through it, and find your center of balance.


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