It’s Time to Start Living “The Good Life”


April is about spring and bunnies — and hopefully no more ice and snow in Michigan! Color is coming back to Mother Nature’s cheeks! Buds are popping out of the earth and on branches. On walks around the neighborhood, we see newness and surprises such as baby birds being fed by their moms and ants hard at work carrying burdens that look way bigger than their bodies. What miracles!

Are you anticipating any miracles in your life? What transformations do you desire? Did you know that our skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days? Another miracle is that our blood travels from the heart to every cell and back to the heart again in about one minute. Regeneration and transformation ARE always happening in our bodies. Those are “passive” acts of renewal, ones we do not even consciously have to perform, and they are pretty darn impressive. Think if we “actively” created amazing things for ourselves like more peace, abundance, tons of comfort, feeling surrounded by love, less worry, feeling supported, or feeling like life is easy?

To achieve your desires, and an amazing way to live, I encourage you to:

1. Have faith it is possible.
2. Remember deep in your heart WHOSE you are – you are a spiritual being created in God’s image, an individualized expression of God—WOW!
3. Ask God for what you want. Through affirmative prayer and meditation, we connect with God. Forgiving yourself and others is essential to transformation and letting go of thoughts not serving you. There are some wonderful guided meditations around forgiveness. Ask your minister or go on Google.
4. Believe God is within us AND we are beloved children of God, just as Jesus was. We co-create with God, creating reality through thoughts held in mind. We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.
5. Take action. It is not enough to just “know” these things; we must live these truths through actions. Buds push through the ground to transform into flowers. Baby birds jump out of the nest to fly. We need to take action too to live the good life.

Limiting thoughts and those that are negative will not help us transform and live the life of a child of God. Review the spiritual thoughts above. Pray/ask and meditate, forgiving yourself and others so you can blossom in the sunlight. Release negative thoughts; they bind us and keep us from growing and living the good life.

Know that others have their own paths to living. Their path is not yours. Focus on yours. Focus on the five suggestions above for YOURSELF. When you are budding or flying high, you are affirming what is possible for others. You are performing a miracle. You are demonstrating your creative thought, and transforming all of us with your energy!


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