Life is a Gift


Life is a gift, but it often feels like a pain in the back side! How can you keep the awareness of the gift?

First of all, remember that you are an eternal being and that, whatever is going on right now is only a brief moment in your reality. I know that in your experience it feels like an eternity, but practice remembering that it is just a tiny speck in eternity! Whether it is your favorite thing or your least favorite, it will cycle out of your present experience and reappear again in a new form. Like day and night, we have to surrender to each moment and trust that the next experience will be exactly what we need.

Remembering that you are an eternal part of The All That Is helps you to remember that so is everyone and everything else. Nothing is Wrong! It is sometimes confusing when you look at the world, because your mind has trouble understanding how it is possible that things are exactly as they should be.

At our current level of evolution, this life is a gym. It is a muscle builder. Going to the gym is not everyone’s favorite thing, but what we like are the results. We develop a body that we enjoy being in. That is exactly what your God Self is doing in this world. Your eternal self is building a body (your soul is the body of learning you have built through all your incarnations) which will allow You to live as a focus of divine consciousness in an individual, enlightened form. Once you have built that soul, it will go wherever you need it to and be with you forever. Until then, keep working out! Each time you get a new muscle, celebrate! Reward yourself for your good work and enjoy the benefits of your increasingly empowered and enlightened soul!

There is a change coming around the bend. For more than half of our world, we are in an ascension process. We have built most of the muscles that are needed through this world gym of ours and are moving into the next phase of our evolution. This is where our bodies and souls are ascending to a higher vibration that will allow our divine consciousness to increasingly live within our human experience. Like all rebirths, it is preceded by a letting go of what has been, in order to make room for what will be. So when you see the old structures of your life falling away, remember that Nothing is Wrong! You can focus your energies on giving thanks for the new experience that God in you is creating in our world. It is exciting! It is the adventure of life. It is a gift.

By: Eve Wilson


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