Living an Abundant Life


Living an abundant life requires you to be kind to yourself. You are the center of your own universe, meaning the center is everywhere and not in one place. You are the vortex in which things manifest in your life. Through opening up and loving yourself, you let the flow of good come to you.

You are like a valve. Plugged valve = no love felt, lack of opportunities and trouble in finances. Flowing valve = love felt, prosperity and opportunity. This may lead you to the question, “How do I open ‘my valve’?”

In The Course in Miracles it says that love cannot be taught; only the obstacles to love removed. Likewise, you cannot “open your valve,” it is already open. You are already whole, complete, and enlightened. You must remove the ‘plugs’ to becoming aware of your already present magnificence through self acceptance, meditation, and affirmative prayer. Healing means to remember your already present wholeness. In your awareness of your wholeness, you take actions from a place of abundance instead of lack. Your intention shapes the results of your actions.

Here are four ways to un-plug your valve to the fundamental goodness that is waiting to be felt as you, and then be reflected back into your life:

1. Let go of the past and your regrets. You forget that life has always been happening for your good. Life events were initiations into awakening to your divinity. Life is happening for you, not against you. When you are triggered (angry, sad, fearful) it is only to show you your limitations to loving yourself. Be willing to see things differently and receive a new understanding of yourself and life.

2. You block your needs from being met. You say things like, “I shouldn’t need that,” or “I should know this,” or “I can do it on my own.” The Ego wants you to live in isolation; this keeps you separate from God-Love. Take the risk of asking for help, reach out, and receive. All your needs will be met, IF you let it in. Be patient with your growth and let yourself have encouragement, advice, or nurturing the needs of your heart. Ask for help from God, Angels and people. “You don’t ask for too much, you ask for too little.” (Course in Miracles)

3. You think you have to make it happen. Your good is already here. Everything is already created in the one mind of Creation. Line up with all the abundance that is waiting for you, through your inner work. Focus on your internal alignment with love, joy, and prosperity and THEN take action. Ask yourself, “What would it feel like to feel prosperous right now?” Let yourself feel it. Receive the energetic alignment so that you can attune to the goodness that is already there.

4. Stop letting conditions and people define you. Set your intent for the day and then let go. Your intent is like the rudder of the boat. The rudder, like your intent, drives the direction and actions. Strongly set your intent and let the winds and waters of Creation carry you. I.ntentional S.urrender moves you to the I.S.. Love Is. God Is. Prosperity Is.

All the qualities of God are within. Love, prosperity, and beauty are within you. Water these qualities with your attention. For example, meditate on the abundance of pine needles on a tree and let yourself feel that prosperity as you. Know you can only resonate with what is already within. Breathe in the trees example and let it attune you to your innate prosperity.

This can be the next best year of your life. You can do it. Allow yourself to be supported. Let friends or a teacher be a reminder of what is already within.

As a spiritual mentor, I know I don’t ‘give anything’ to people, I guide them to what is already within. I also serve as an ‘energetic template’ in my own self-awareness. You are created in God’s image, you lack nothing. If you believe someone has something you don’t, then they will have power to take it away, or keep it from you. All of the ocean is in a drop, and the drop is in the ocean. The key to letting yourself receive love, or prosperity is knowing your innate wholeness. Receiving and giving are the same because we are ALL just reminding each other of what IS already within.

People over the past 12 years have come in for training-healing sessions and said, “I need a ‘tune-up’.” I see another layer of the profundity of what they mean! It has been my honor to serve people in that way.

As you open up to letting life and people support you, you become attuned to what is already within. In your kindness to yourself and others, you wake up from the illusion of lack and limitation.


Barbra White


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