By Pauline

Love, there’s so much said about this wonderful word, and words are so important in life; they mean so much; they can help create happiness.

Still, a lot of times when we talk, we don’t want to say, especially when we’re angry, which is normal for all of us; we have our moments, but our words can hurt the people we care about the most, I learned this when raising my children, words matter.

So as I’m writing this article, I’m thinking about the word love; we don’t teach it; we assume we all get it! And it’s only a short four-letter word, but it means so much to all of us, especially in a relationship.

How many of us have met someone we felt amazingly in love with, then suddenly, we don’t care about them anymore? They did this or said that, and we don’t feel love for them and end up angry or in a divorce; all kinds of stuff happen because of this little word four-letter word, and at one point in time, we love this person.

So what happened to the relationship and our love for each other? I notice people don’t open up their heart chakra anymore because life is so busy and so draining you’re in a hurry going here and there and everywhere.

But if we were to sit and feel what the word love means, no one ever sits down, looks at the word, finds the energy in the word, or finds the energy towards somebody, because when you say love, there are all kinds of ways the word love means love for friendship love for children lover and relationship love for friendship love for animals, in just the word love for nature, this word goes so far, and we’re all connected to this word if we were to walk around in love with the word and energy of love how would we feel, how would we change our life?

Something amazing would change in your life because love is amazing; it’s a connection, an energy that no one can explain; how deep and how strong the energy this šŸ˜Š words are about how we can love somebody so deeply, and they don’t love us.

To me, love is the most important word in the universe. I’m sure there are many more, but I focus on this one because I think I’m feminine and a girl. I sometimes live in a fantasy world, or I want everything to be wonderful and beautiful, so I want all of you to sit down, take a deep breath and feel what the word love does for you; make it fun, and you will have a fantastic day! Your life will change.
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