Love- and it’s many forms of expression


By Laura Solomon

I’m not the sappy roses and candlelit bathtub type of gal. Roses die and baths are just annoying. The kind of love I looked for is ‘service.’ To me, the greatest form of loving expression is when my husband makes me tea. It’s a simple act, but a ritual that he knows I appreciate. If he bought gifts, I’d make him return them, but a cup of tea is always welcome. His willingness to please me is the most magnificent form of love. I believe it’s the willingness to give the other person in the relationship exactly what they need that contributes to a mutually satisfying relationship. Whether it’s personal or professional, asking what someone needs in a relationship gives you the clarity to offer it as your expression of love and gratitude. Too often, people assume they are giving the other person what they think they need when, in fact, they might want a different form of expression to exhibit love. So take the time to find out what your person is looking for so that you can give them what they need, want, and deserve.

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