A Message from the Children of the Stars


Star Children, also known as the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, are highly sensitive Souls that have come to Earth to help raise the consciousness of the planet. The labels Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow refer to their auras and vibrational patterns. These children will be the first ones to refuse these labels, knowing it’s just another means of separation. All children are special and come here pure and aware; these children just tend to come to Earth more spiritually evolved right out of the gate and their gifts are usually apparent from a young age.
The Indigos are our warriors and our whistleblowers. Most of the Indigos are now adults. They are breaking down traditional belief systems and exposing lies. Indigos are natural leaders; they do not conform and do not do well with rules and strict routines.

The Crystal Children are here to lay a new foundation. They are here to show us who we are and what is possible. You will hear them speak of love, peace, unity and oneness. Crystal’s come in with open hearts; they require a lot of affection and nurturing.

Rainbow children are here to build upon the new foundation. They are all about service and unconditional love. They are our little Spiritual Masters. Rainbow children have high energy, very strong personalities, are enthusiastic and fearless. This is their first time on the planet, therefore, they have no karma to balance.
From an early age, Star Children will show signs of spiritual gifts that include healing and psychic abilities as well as the ability to connect with our deceased loved ones, angels, guides, and even our pets. They are telepathic, empathic and can easily detect dishonesty. Telekinesis and instant manifestation have also been seen in these highly sensitive children. The new children being birthed will display gifts that we have yet to see; gifts beyond our imagination. We have come to a point in our evolution where many people on the planet are starting to awaken, allowing the children to come in large numbers to embark on their missions.

What do they want us to know?
They want you to get to work on YOU! They need us, their parents, to expand our consciousness so that we can help them fulfill their highest potential here on this planet. The greatest gift we can give them is OURSELVES. As parents, we tend to project our pain and our fear onto our children. We are not conscious of this, but we are doing it. If we can start to heal ourselves on every level, (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) we can transform, making us better able to serve them. Only by releasing the past, forgiving ourselves and the people that have hurt us, can we heal, evolve and step into our power. It’s time to align with our Truth, be authentic, and set ourselves free so our children can do the same.

Conscious parenting isn’t always easy. Growing-up a highly sensitive child and now raising two of my own, I can relate. It takes courage to face your fears. You have to do the inner work. It can be overwhelming at first but start out slow and simple. Take a few minutes out of every day to meditate, go for a walk in nature or just sit in silence. Practicing self-care and self-love will help raise your vibration and start the healing process. It’s time to break all the barriers that we’ve created within us that keep us from loving whole-heartedly. If we can do this, our children will then take the lead and help humanity evolve.

Jessica Rivard-Hiller is a spiritual counselor, meditation coach, healer (reiki and reconnective) and private yoga instructor. She is currently counseling the families of highly sensitive children using her own Divine gifts and abilities. If you have questions about Conscious parenting, you can contact Jessica at jhiller144@gmail.com.


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