My Dad


My dad loved going to the lake, especially when he could fish off a pier or wade in the water to cast his fishing line. As often as he could, dad would have mom pack a picnic lunch and gather up all seven children (4 girls and 3 boys.) He loved Kensington Lake which has great fishing, boating and of course, swimming. I remember he tried to teach me how to fish, but I just could not bring myself to hook a worm.

When my brother Richard realized I was squeamish and freaked out about the worms, he picked out the biggest wiggling worm he could find from dad’s bait can, then chased me with a slimy worm pinched between his fingers. He laughed while claiming he was going to make me hook the worm. I was running away from him in terror screaming for dad to save me. Finally, dad put a stop to my brother’s teasing and sat me down next to him on the dock, sharing with me the reason he liked to fish. He explained he needed to commune with God’s wisdom.

Before all the social media, cell phones, and texting, my parents had to keep seven kids amused with little or no money. Dad always had his fishing pole and blankets in the trunk and at any moment during the weekend he would round us up and head out to the lake. I first learned how to meditate by the water’s edge one summer.

On one of our trips to the lake, I hurt myself falling off a tire swing which was right at the water’s edge. When you wanted to, you could thrust yourself off the tire swing and land in the water. While pushing myself off the swing, I miscalculated and fell hard on the beach. As I was sprawled out on the beach assessing my wounds and feeling embarrassed, my brothers started taunting me for my mistake.

I started to cry almost uncontrollably, while in-between sobs calling out to my dad for them to leave me alone. He quietly came over and sat down next to me on the beach, as I lay sobbing that my brothers were teasing me. And to top it off, I had some bruising on my knee and leg which hurt. Dad carefully inspected my injury then proceeded to give my leg the healing kiss it needed. As we know, our parents’ kisses heal most boo-boo’s. Dad then asked me if I would like to know how he listens to God! Of course, I did not understand what he was saying to me, but I stopped my crying to listen to his wisdom.

Dad explained that when he is fishing or taking long walks in the park, he would be still in his mind to let the stillness of that moment be his only thought. He would ask God to give him strength and a clear mind. And then whatever your problem was, to release it and listen to the solutions or healing that would come in those still moments.

He had me shut my eyes and then spoke softly, asking me to be still within; to breathe-in deeply and then slowly exhale, while letting my mind become quite so that I could be open to God’s wisdom and strength. I was only eight years old, however, I seemed to understand immediately that my dad had just shared with me the key to opening my spiritual intuitive mind. From that day forward I meditated every day, which helped me immensely with life’s challenges. My dear father moved into spirit in 1995. I miss him. Now I talk with him in spirit by taking a deep breath in and then slowly exhale, opening my connection to God, asking for the portal to spirit to open so I can talk with him once again.

My dad was a very religious man and did not always understand my psychic profession. However, he would show up for many of my TV appearances and seminars. I was not sure if he would approve of my psychic readings, so often I did not invite him as I worried he would give me the big, “I am not happy with you” face. But when I shared with him that I always open up my channel to God in order to see the light on people’s life path, he gave me an approving, loving smile.



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