No Such Thing as Negative


I know I’m going to get a lot of people saying that what I’m thinking is not true… There is no such thing as negative energy! It’s our perception of the way we look at life. As I think about it, there has a lot that has happened in my life that has affected me, changing me to the way I am. I wake up in the morning, I open my eyes, my life is beautiful as I see it. I visualize what I want to do and go about my day.

There’s a lot that happens to me throughout the day. There’s work, computers, people, children, adults, and as you look at it, we run into all kinds of people all day long. Most of them are not happy. Why? Let’s talk about the people we work with. There’s always that one person that just doesn’t want to agree with us or be happy. They’re not negative. We think they’re negative, but they don’t think they’re negative. It’s our perception again. There is only one energy that comes into the universe and that energy is not positive energy or negative energy, it’s just energy that comes to us though the universe.

Have you looked at the beautiful flowers that the universe makes? It’s never wrong what Mother Nature does with her creation. Flora in all colors, shapes and sizes. People are created that way also. I believe we made up the word because it controls our day, all day if something doesn’t happen our way. It becomes negative if someone doesn’t agree with us, they become “crazy negative”. I wonder where that came from, who started the negative energy, the words that come with it, toxic. How many people call their husband, mother, sister, brother, boss, whoever you can think of, toxic. Where’s the unconditional love?

Sometimes I think it’s because we are just angry, because we can’t have our own way. It makes us feel better to put the blame somewhere, anywhere else.

Have you ever sat in a chair and thought about putting a camera on the ceiling and relive yesterday? See how many times you were angry or had a negative moment or thought. It could be a few or many. Let’s have fun here — try this and see how many times. It’s also a great way of looking into changing the way we are thinking; could you go an entire day without a negative thought? What a great question to ask yourself.

I know for me, I try like a jelly bean to change a negative thought into a positive one. It makes me feel better and I look at people who are having a moment of Wow. Cause and effect moment and let them have their moment and I just move on. I am not quite ready to be with unhappy people. It’s like the news, I just move on.

As always Love and Light – Michigan Psychic Fair


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