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We are all divine beings, pure love and pure potential. We love ourselves and others unconditionally when we physically express this through writing, speaking or acting, i.e. smiling, hugs, or even a hand shake. When doing so, we feel amazing because love, our truth, is flowing through us. Acts of self love like exercise and diet have scientifically proven positive results, but I am more interested in the emotional energy that radiates from our chakras when we consciously choose to love ourselves or align with our divine truth.

I believe that the subconscious picture that we have of ourselves and life in general, is exactly reflected to us in our personal reality, or as the Toltec’s call it, our personal dream. We can easily change this subconscious image, and I teach this process through Reiki. The more I learn about anatomy and physiology, the more I am convinced that everything has an emotional root, and that pain and discomfort are physical cries from us for more love and appreciation at a soul level. We do love ourselves, but we don’t express it and therefore we don’t experience the wonderful health, vitality, radiance and synchronicity that come from living our truth. When we express negatively about ourselves and our lives, we experience those exact reflections.

Reiki, for me, is choosing to experience myself, my clients or my students as divine beings; I feel this is the most important stage of Reiki. There are many techniques for allowing and directing the flow of Reiki from practitioner to client. I find that the simple flowing strokes of Swedish massage, European lymph drainage, or the beautiful holds and compressions of Thai massage are brilliant for students to use while they develop their own flow. All cultures have their own forms of energy healing, and one of my favorites and one that I love to share with advanced students is the wonderful and original Hawaiian energy healing practice of Kia loa.

I believe that our outer reality is a reflection of the inner pictures of life and ourselves that we temporarily adopted as children. The marvelous healing energy of touch begins with the genuine attitude of acceptance. Most of us have a hard time accepting certain things about ourselves, and not accepting ourselves hurts us physically, as thought energy lodges in our cells and tissues. Massage and touch in general, melts straight through this nasty energy, making it easier for us to begin accepting ourselves again. In addition, massage is an act of self love so it has a compound affect!

Reiki practitioners first learn to apply self healing Reiki to themselves. I’ve taught 7- 10 week Reiki classes for a long time now, because I’ve always felt that taking a step-by-step approach to becoming familiar and comfortable with energy takes time. Simple exercises that built upon themselves week after week ensured that if the student practiced during the week and attended the Reiki shares, they would have a genuine working relationship with Reiki energy.

I also felt that students needed to commit to their own healing, so I incorporated a spiritual 12 step program into my Reiki training. The principle is that your soul’s potential is to energetically create your personal paradise, and that all paradises would blend together effortlessly. If you were not experiencing your paradise life, it was because you were separated from your soul’s identity. The 12 spiritual steps, if committed to and followed to the best of your ability, will result in a spiritual awakening and you will uncover your soul’s identity, passion and joy.

I think everyone is healing from a spiritual identity crisis, so I teach Reiki over longer periods to ensure that the student has an authentic emotional, mental, physical and spiritual experience. It is also my intention that they see the results manifest in their life, as they proceed on their spiritual journey. I am sure that all the students are divinely guided to be in each other’s classes, as they have similar lessons and necessary experiences to share with each other.

Massage will physically remove the toxins created in the cells from negative emotional energy; however, I believe that to have a truly holistic healing experience and keep the symptoms from coming back, the client must address the emotional root. For the more spiritually minded, I feel that the emotional blocks stem from an UN-authentic soul self image.

Everybody travels the spiritual journey at their own pace. If you’re not enjoying where you’re at in life, your inner image of your soul might be a good place for you to explore.

Reiki classes are forming now and treatments are available 10a.m-7p.m., Mon – Fri.


By Aoghain Lakes McLocha

Massage Lifestyle Coach/ Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher ~ Contact him at: (248) 542-3073 or visit: www.thebalancemassage.com.

Energy Medicine Practitioner. Visit our site for upcoming classes include; European lymph skin massage and a wide range of self care and partner classes. Contact him at: (248) 542-3073 or visit: www.thebalancemassage.com.


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