Prayer for Earthquake in Turkey and Syria


By Chrissie Blaze

Note: Please raise your hands to about shoulder height, with palms facing outwards, fingers and thumb together, in what is called the prayer mudra. In this way the Love energy you release will flow through you out to your focal point. Take a few deep breaths and say the prayer with all your heart and soul. 

Oh Mighty Brahma, Creator of Life

 We ask that we may be used as Channels 

For Thy vibrant Healing Power to flow through us now

 In a living stream of radiant loving energy 

To bring healing, strength, help and protection 

To all victims of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Oh Divine Father of all Creation

 May thy wondrous power of Love flow through us now

To bring healing to those who have suffered injury and loss. 

May they be comforted and strengthened by Thy Loving Presence.

May your Divine Light flow now to all the medics, doctors and aid workers

To strengthen, inspire and protect them in their dangerous work.

Oh God, May Thy infinite power flow to all nations and all people 

To inspire them to send urgent aid to this region of our world. 

May the Love that pours through us now 

Bring harmony and light to Turkey and Syria at this time.

We thank you. oh God, for this opportunity to be of Service 

May Thy Will, oh Wondrous Parabrahma be done.

Rev. Chrissie Blaze                                                                                                           


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