What We Resist, Persists


         When talking about blocks to self growth, the word “resistance” often comes up.  In fact, there is a phrase “what we resist, persists.”  It comes up often enough that I consider it to be a universal truth.

When we resist something, we put up an energetic wall with the intent to push the focus of our resistance away from us, bull-dozing it away.  The mound only gets bigger and bigger until it blocks our view of life with what we are afraid of or don’t want.  This focus can be about anyone, triggered by things we don’t like about our parents, teachers, friends, enemies.  It can be an idea – – alcoholism, racism, crime, poverty.  The more we resist and push away, the more this undesired “thing” is experienced or encountered.  The energy of this wall grows.

We erect this protective, energetic wall in our attempts to survive, often starting to build them in childhood.  As children, we are more open and sensitive to the vibrations around us.  Some of these vibrations are hurtful and confusing.  Wanting to protect our sensitive self from this pain, we may choose to erect this protective wall.  As children, the choices we make do not always serve us in adulthood, and can in fact, sabotage us.

This energetic wall has a vibrational quality to it, connecting to the focus of that resistance.  Having free will, Divine Source will give us what we focus on.  For example, if the focus is on resisting/resenting/hating our experience of our parent’s control, we not only experience it more and with greater intensity, we will start experiencing it with our friends, our mate, our boss, even the government. We will vibrationally attract the experience of feeling controlled into our life.  The focus is on being controlled, rather than the positive aspect – – freedom.  Like a magnet, we attract more ‘being controlled’ and ‘controlling’ experiences and soon wonder why we feel so out of control.

No one likes the feeling of being controlled, it can even be scary.  When we are able to ‘allow’ the emotions felt as a child when setting up this wall of resistance, the energy can be released.  The wall and vibrational emanation is lessened, and we open the space to allow freedom in – – to change the patterns and what we are attracting into our life.

As long as we keep up walls of resistance, we keep ourselves trapped within a prison of our own making.  We put a wall between ourselves and the world, no longer able to see the joy and love in the world, no longer able to experience others as the Divine Love they are.  We put a wall between ourselves and Divine Source, cutting ourselves off from Divine Source, and therefore, our own Divine Self.

When we are able to replace resistance with allowing, we are able to allow forgiveness, and experience greater love and gratitude towards the thing we once resisted.  Once we feel gratitude, we are able to release.  We can allow ourself to feel gratitude toward those controlling parents who chose to take on the role that we needed to grow.  Know, everything is in divine order for our greatest potential for growth.

When we allow, we have greater ability to choose who we want to be, not just react against something.  We have the ability to allow connection with Source and use our Divine Self’s wisdom to attract and create the life we want.  In releasing our resistance, in allowing, we allow Divine Love in. Our vibration rises.  We allow our own magnificence, our own Divine Self, The Divine Love we are, to shine.  We allow ourselves to be the Divine Love, joy and peace we really are.  Instead of resisting and fighting what we fear, we attract and experience more love, joy and peace as the beings of Divine Love we are.


Miche Lame’ MALLP


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