Riding the Wave of Forgiveness


Spring always brings a sense of freshness, washing away the stagnant winter energy and making the world new. This spring is special in that it is the first spring after the completion of our old world contracts on New Year’s Day 2013. This spring is a new beginning on so many levels!

There is a strong wave of forgiveness moving in spirit at this time. It is helping us to let go of old shame, hurts and battles that weigh us down and cause us to experience fear and resistance to change. Pain and hurt are great attention getters making us focus on our soul lessons and so they have been widely employed within our old soul contracts here on earth. However, once we’ve learned from these great teachers, we need to get on with using the gifts we have gained through our hardships, not let the old suffering drag us down. Forgiveness frees us from the old to live our lives in new and empowered ways.

This healing wave of forgiveness is releasing numerous layers of suffering and pain from all the generations who have lived here on earth. It is bringing a tide of unconditional love and healing to the deepest level of body and soul for all of creation. What a great opportunity to lighten the load of pain, hurt and anger that has weighed us down. The meditative exercise below will help you to do that in a simple and effective manner. Then your soul will be freed up from weight and darkness so you can spring forward into the light, like spring bulbs in the garden after a long winter’s night.

Hurt is a two way street, all parties are damaged by it, whether as a victim or as a persecutor, there is a burden it puts on both souls. So right or wrong is hardly an issue in the following prayerful meditation. It is simply letting go, so that everyone can continue to evolve. All circumstances in your life are contracted by your higher, eternal self for the evolution of your human soul. You are developing a soul body for your higher self to express more and more fully through. Accepting this, even when you may not be entirely sure what you have gained from your painful experiences, there can be healing at levels that could never happen where you hold on to blame and hurt.

Forgiveness comes like a strong rain, hitting the ground and rising up like a mist, carrying the suffering, pain, guilt, blame, and all negativity back to the source of love; freshening all of life. Like lightening, it shatters the illusion of darkness and clears the air of our soul. It makes you feel alive again, to cry and smile and laugh. It sets you free. Sometimes it comes like a quiet wave of relaxation and sound sleep. Let it find its way to you.
Simple Forgiveness: (Feel free to substitute a different name where God is used below such as Goddess, Essence of Truth, Great Mystery, Divine Oneness or whatever works for you)

1 – Wherever you feel hurt, resentment, frustration, anger, blame, physical pain or any negative state this will work: Open your heart as though you had eyes within the center of your chest. Then lookand feel from there right into the hurt places in your body and soul and the feelings you hold there. Let yourself be present with those feelings, but not lost in them, observe them through your open heart. Then send this invitation: God, be here with me right within this place where there is hurt. Be between me and whatever person or circumstance I associate with it. Then open your heart and let God’s presence come right into the “yuck” of the situation.

2 – God forgive us here. Repeat that a few times from right within the emotions. Continue until you feel the energy start to clear or follow step 2B for a stronger release. Surrender all the energy around and within the circumstance into God’s unconditional love and let the forgiveness in.
2B – Where it doesn’t release easily, imagine little screaming mouths right within the place where you feel the emotional charge or discomfort. Staying centered within your heart as suggested in step 1 (it won’t work if you are in your head), let those little mouths scream for you, releasing the energy to God to clear. This is surprisingly effective and fast, it only takes a few seconds for it to release, and it does so cleanly, without being toxic. When you feel complete with that, then repeat step 2.

You can do this with one issue, or 100, whatever feels ready to be released. Don’t forget to forgive yourself for any disempowering or unkind thoughts and judgments you have projected inward.

My favorite place to do this meditation is while taking a sea salt bath, since sea salt pulls toxic psychic energy out of your body and neutralizes it so it can be safely washed down the drain. But anywhere will do. For a sea salt bath use 2 cups of ordinary sea salt to a bath. Afterward rinse, moisturize and feel new!

Eve Wilson


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