Rock of the Month – Cleansing Physical Body and Energy Renewal with Amber


Amber is a fossilized tree resin, not tree sap, which is a very common misconception. This resin is the semi-solid organic substance secreted through the many epithelial cells of the tree. The fossil resin happens to form and mix with sediments and soils, which over millions of years change into rock such as shale and sandstone. This fossilization of resin takes millions of years and involves a progressive oxidation and polymerization of the original organic compounds. There seems to be many contrasting views as to why resin is produced, but the most common reason is that it is the plant’s protection mechanism. The resin may be produced to protect the tree from disease and injury inflicted by insects and fungi. Resin may be exuded to heal a wound such as a broken branch, and resins possess odors or tastes that both attract and repel insects
Amber has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since caveman existence. Amber is used as an ingredient in perfumes, as a healing agent used by shamans in ancient medicine, as jewelry and was even burned to help clear spaces of negative energy/entities. Because it originates as a tree resin, amber contains animal and plant material as inclusions. Amber ranges in different colors, from a whitish color through a pale lemon yellow, to brown and almost black. (We also know Black Amber as Jet)  Other more uncommon colors include red amber (sometimes known as “cherry amber”), green amber, and even blue amber, which is extremely rare and highly sought after. Amber is most abundant in the Prussia, Dominican Republic, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Italy, Spain and Mexico.
Amber is a stone of cleansing and purification. It emits sunny, light and warm feelings which calms nerves and enlightens the entire body. Amber activates unconditional love and provokes a deep sense of happiness and pleasure.  It has been used as renewal for marriage vows and promotes fidelity. It is most often used to facilitate opening and cleansing of chakras, connecting conscious self to universal perfection, bringing dreams and goals into reality. It is an excellent stone for eliminating the self-imposed barriers and helps build positive attitude in our own abilities. It is also a fabulous stone for renewal of strength during rehabilitation and accelerating the process of cell and/or tissue regeneration after long illnesses.
In 6th century BC, Thales of Miletus is credited with observing that rubbing fur on various substances, such as amber, would cause an attraction between the two, which is now known to be caused by static electricity. The Ancient Greeks noted that the amber buttons could attract light objects such as hair and that if the amber was rubbed sufficiently a spark would jump.  In Greece, the name for yellow amber is electron, and from this the term electricity was derived. A simple amber necklace is a sort of electricity capacitors, able to auto-charge and recharge and to help the owner get rid of the excess bad positive ions in the body. It can provide amazing protection against radiation especially from x rays and other harmful sources of energy.
Amber protects from illnesses, helps diminish pain through childbirth and cleanse birthing or re- birthing healing spaces. When placed on the solar plexus, it can help ease digestive problems or diseases of the belly, gall bladder, liver, or thymus.  Amber also calms the kidneys, teeth, bone related problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatism.  When placed directly on to the skin, it can help eliminate deep skin allergies.  Amber should NEVER be cleaned with harsh jewelry cleaners or agents, only water and charged with sunlight.
The origin of amber gives us hints about its spiritual qualities, which can become obvious if we take a look at trees as entities with roots descending deep into the earth, and branches ascending towards the sky. In spiritual sense, trees show us how to connect down to the earth and ground our physical bodies through the roots and upreach toward the sky with our higher opened chakras. Therefore, the life force of a tree can carry, transform and deliver energy just like our physical bodies. Amber initiates feelings of connection to the physical plane. Many ancient traditions have considered amber to be the stone of universal life force, as it encloses life within.

Carol Clarke is an USUI Reiki Master and Melody certified TAOMCHI Master Crystologist in Plymouth, MI. She has been working with crystals and minerals for many years and loves sharing her knowledge about them.  She offers many different types of crystal healing techniques.  If you would like to attend or host a crystal class or would like an appointment, please call Bodyworks Healing Center at 734-416-5200 or visit


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