Rock of the Month Rainbow Fluorite


Everyone that stops in the healing center I work in picks up Rainbow Fluorite at some point while browsing the stones and minerals. I strongly believe that this is because not only is it amazing to look at but is so amazing for pretty much anyone for a variety of reasons! Works well with accessing the heart, throat, or third eye chakras and is excellent for all of these purposes!


Stabilizes energy around you or in your home. (Great to wear in jewelry for this purpose.)


Cleanses negativity out of a space, especially a most used room or walkway in the home or office, like a meeting room or cubicle.


Boosts self confidence and positive thinking.


Encourages organization and concentration, great for work or your student’s workspace.


Excellent for treating colds! When treating a cold, hold a piece of fluorite under your nose and on top of your forehead at the same time. This will help to fight the virus and clear all congestion.


When used in an elixir on in a massage/reflexology wand, fluorite helps boost the immune system, heals ulcers and wounds, alleviates rheumatism and arthritis, regenerates cells and also can assist with spinal injury related pain.


I have found that one of the best places to have fluorite in my home/office is around electronic equipment. It helps with EMF (electromagnetic frequency smog) but mostly because I get VERY frustrated with my electronics when they don’t work the way I’d like them too. The fluorite helps me stabilize my energy and the energy of the computer/tv/ipod etc. so I can continue to use it without having the urge to break it!


Carol Clarke is an USUI Reiki Master and Melody certified TAOMCHI Master Crystologist in Plymouth, MI. She has been working with crystals and minerals for many years and loves sharing her knowledge about them. She offers classes and many different types of crystal healing techniques, see her site for a ful list or call her at: 734-416-5200


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