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Faith in God is the same as Faith in Love, Acceptance, Peace, and Joy. We think Love and Peace are weak and mushy. PEACE is powerful to effect change. Any action in your life taken from a place of stress, is violence against yourself. Your foundation of inner Peace, Love and Joy is crucial in shaping your life. Have faith in Love.

The turkey represents, in Native American spirituality, full giving of one’s self and sacrifice. But if you give and live from sacrifice, that is not love. Love given with a perception of sacrifice, is an attempt to find your worthiness in the giving.

Love to Love. Give from a place of abundance.

Love without the illusion of loss.

Give fully of yourself, because until you can fully BE yourself, you will never feel supported. Being you…just ‘doing you’ as the saying goes, is the greatest way to feel Love as you. Don’t play small to ‘get love’.

Give Love to feel Love as YOU

. Don’t give Love out of self righteousness, guilt, duty, or obligation. That is not Love. Your intent shapes the Love into something sacred or profane. Your intent defines the quality of your action. Get into a quiet space and ask yourself “What is my true intent?” Forgive the love you give, that has an attachment to the outcome, for that is not Love. Bring reverence, intent, and presence into your actions and your life benefits the whole.

“Love: The one who truly loves gives all, and sacrifices nothing” Raines Mareia Rilke

We dismiss the sacred, and beautiful. Your life, your consciousness is sacred, holy and important to the world. Your consciousness or state of inner Joy directly effects what life you live. Loving yourself, meditation, and journaling is crucial in living a happy life and truly helping others.

Look at starving children on TV, war pictures, or suffering animals and at first your heart will ache. But gaze long enough and you will feel in your soul that you are here or for something far greater then what you are living.

Affirm: “Use me God to Serve, so that my life may be a blessing to others”.

Listen to the whisper within and you will be guided in little actions and words of service everyday. Your part IS IMPORTANT to the healing of the WHOLE.

We ALL want to help others. Ask a young person what they want to do with their life and they will answer “I want to help others”. We ALL just don’t know how to go about being beneficial presence on the planet. We think it has to be some grand action or volunteering program. But your inner Peace is POWERFUL to effect change in the world. Your meditation and self acceptance causes you to affect all those around you.

Action without inner Peace and Acceptance only empowers the very problem you are trying to change.You can’t solve a problem, at the level of the problem. If you intend to ‘combat’, ‘fix’, or fight an issue, you are unknowingly showing aggression towards yourself or the person you are trying to help. Acceptance is not passive. The moment you move into Acceptance, the situation will naturally shift, or you will see a grander view than the limiting perception you were holding. From this new perception you will see the most empowering words or action to take. Most people are running around in a state of fear, not realizing they are empowering the very thing they are trying to heal or fix.

Give your life to Love and let Creation use you to benefit the whole. As you do, you will begin to live your life on purpose. The process of becoming Who You Are is a process of letting go. You don’t let go of anything of value. God will never take from you, that which empowers you. Trust Love. Trust Oneness.

You are right where you need to be. Don’t try to escape your life, choose to live it fully. Engage your life and be present to each day 100%. Ask yourself “If I was important to the whole, what would I be doing right now?” Then do it!

What you intend to see you shall. What you seek you will find.

Choose to see the Sacred and Beautiful in the world and you will see it. All of Life is Sacred…or it is not. Intend what you want to see. Fear or Love? Live with the intention to serve Love, Be Love, and see Love/God in ALL, and Life will reveal to you, a miracle that is your life… right now.

Barbra White


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