Each of us is Shining Light


Ever notice how we hold ourselves back from our own magnificence? We perform some service. Someone says “thank you” and we are liable to brush it off and respond with something like, “Oh, it’s nothing.” Or, how about the demure and non-threatening downward gaze and mumble about what’s wrong with what you’ve done? How you look? Or the boss that praises your work, and the response being silence, or withdrawal? And then the next assignment handed in poorly or late? What about that great job offer we just don’t return the call for in a timely manner? or the mortgage acceptance papers not signed on time? How we just tend to not get what we want.

When we wonder why the world is not giving us our desires, perhaps it is because we ourselves don’t allow them to occur. We are given the branch of opportunity and don’t take it. Usually out of the habit of false modesty. From a young age, our parents, teachers, and society in general, teach us to be “safe” by not being noticed. We are taught that the world is a dangerous place, so we hide. We are even sometimes taught that others will be jealous of our gifts and tear us down if we allow our magnificence to shine.

Patterns like these are programmed into our subconscious memories… what I like to call our “biocomputer.” These are programs initially imprinted as survival techniques. Ever notice how young children are often labeled “fearless”? They are still connected to Source/God and know they are safe. Being surrounded by parents and society’s vibration of fear, we lose that connection, and therefore, that fearlessness. We adopt our parent’s programs and they aren’t even aware of it, as we are not, and we start living as sleepwalkers, just responding and losing our connection and know of the divine.

As we mature, we outgrow these old programs, yet they are so ingrained that we no longer recognize why we react “instinctively” the way we do. Eventually, we feel empty, afraid, and realize there is a lack somehow, and start investigating how to change. We start waking up. We usually start by recognizing poor patterns/habits. As we recognize these programs/habits, we can wake up and change them. We are able to allow ourselves to re-connect with Source/God and know we are safe to let go of these programs.

Often, the first step to awakening is realizing how we are not receiving what we’ve been told we would if we were modest and held ourselves back from shining forth. Or, we get the great job, and can’t enjoy it because we feel we really don’t deserve it. We really aren’t worth that salary. We find everything wrong with what we do, what we look like, who we love, and who we are. And wonder what’s wrong. We should be happy!

When we allow that connection with Source/God, we are given the knowing and the strength to wake up and look at those old patterns. We start recognizing the flow of divine knowing and are able to be proud and love ourselves for who we are. We start re-programming ourselves with who we want to be in a fearless world. Knowing we are spirit having a physical experience, and as we grow in connection, are able to bring this divine energy into every aspect of our lives.

We are, each of us, a shining, divine light on our own. When we don’t stand up and let our light be seen, we don’t allow Source’s work to be recognized, let alone ourselves. We are perfect and magnificently divine already. We just have to wake up to that fact. Wake up and know that we are love, and are loved just as we are.

 Miche Lame’, MALLP


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